Five on Friday – The Perfect 5 Hours with Becky

Thursday Becky didn’t have school due to parent teacher conferences.  We had a wide open 5 hours to go and play!   And play we did!

1.  First off we headed to Seattle and went to see the Gingerbread House competition at the Sheraton.  I must say that it wasn’t that the gingerbread houses weren’t incredible, I just had a harder time this year really getting in to most.  Each was a Train Station somewhere in the world.   NYC, London, Quebec, Melbourne, New Zealand and North PoleIt is truly amazing the amount of time that goes into these.  Our favorite was the NYC Grand Central Station with all the characters from Despicable Me.

2.  Next we walked a couple of blocks to the Fairmont Hotel to their teddy bear suite.  In the lobby there is a Santa who is checking his list.  This is an annual photo-op.  Becky was sad to see that her name wasn’t on it this year.  Last year it was on it.  Who knew they actually change the list each year.

This is a hotel suite which is filled and decorated to the nine’s with teddy bears and Christmas decorations.

3.  We had moved through our day plan quickly and so we stopped off at the Klondike Gold Rush National Park Museum, in downtown Seattle (near Century Link Field).  Brett and I had been there a couple of years ago when the rest of the family was in the Library.  Becky wanted to go so we had a great museum stop.  If you finish 5 of the 8 activities then you get to sign a log and get a pin.  Becky is all for that!

My purse had so much fun it decided to hang around the museum a bit longer than we did.  Thanks goodness for kind honest people to turned it in for me.

4.  We headed to Bellevue to Becky’s dream lunch.  Cheesecake Factory.  We joked that it was good she had a mom and a dad.  Owen will take her to the sushi restaurants that she loves (where I would not) and I’ll take her to the cheesecake restaurants which she loves (and Owen doen’t love).  Lunch was great, but the pepermint bark cheesecake was heaven.

5.  Then we drove around looking for the store to get Owen’s perfect Christmas present, but it looked like the store had gone out of business or actually never existed at wher it said is should have been.  We had to leave without Owen’s gift, but don’t worry we’ll find it.  (yes we are teasing Owen because he can’t stand to not know what he is getting)   We made a quick trip back to Seattle to get my purse and drove up just as Brett’s bus was getting to our home to drop him off.

Turned out to be an amazing day with Becky.  We had planned to go ice skating in Bellevue, but it didn’t open up today until after 3 so that didn’t quite fit into our plans.  Looks like we have a fun tradition for one more year – that is until she gets to 6th grade.

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