Ten on Tuesday

1.  Brett has become so much more communicative lately.  I had gotten an email from Brett from school saying he had found a book he liked at the book fair and it costs x.xx amount and can I have the money to buy it.   When he got home I told him he had to tell me what the book was about.  He was so funny.  He got his vantage (communication device) and would find the word he wanted and then plugged it into bing.  He told me Library book motorcycle green.  I was expecting a book all about motorcycles.  I was surprised to see that the book was called Library Lil and on the cover was a motorcycle.

2.  Owen came home on Sunday  morning and Brett took about 5 minutes telling him all about all we had done and got.

3.  Friday Brett and I picked Becky up from school and headed to the movies – Authur’s Christmas – cute but not critical.   That was the start of our fun night.  We then met Lindsay for dinner.  So happy she joined us!  We love when she is around.  Food seems to help that alot.

4.  We headed over to the Festival of the Nativities.  I knew that there would be lots of nativities to look at so that is what we were expecting.  We were happily surprised to see a room full of pictures of christ through his life.  The biggest treat was the entertainment they had.  There was a bell choir.  To say that Becky was enthralled would be a understatment.  When we finished looking at the nativities we sat down and listened to the last 30 minutes of their concert.  Amazingly wonderful.

5.  Funny how on Saturday there was a note to Santa on my bed telling how good Becky had been that year (just ask her parents the note said) and on the list of 4 things that were desired lo an behold bells were included.  Who knew that bells are THAT expensive.   Crazy expensive.

6.  Saturday afternoon Brett and Becky and I headed out to buy gifts to send to Brock for Christmas.  Brock had given us a good list to choose from.  Brett and Becky sure knew what they wanted to give him.  Brett was so funny, while looking for things for Brock he saw a belt (which he really needed) and wanted me to know that was what he really wanted.  Love that he is wanting to be a stylish dresser.

7.  Fiddler on the Roof was Saturday night.  Loved Tevia’s voice.  It was amazing.  Although he must not know how to dance at all, because when it came to If I Were a Rich Man – Becky leaned over and said – “He is dancing all wrong”  My though was dancing wrong – he isn’t even dancing.  How can you leave out the most famous and loved part of the show.  Tevia dancing while singing.  The show was great and I’m a firm believer that showing your kids the movie first is a must for going musicals.  That way they know what to expect and what is going to happen.  Favorite part of the night was Becky buying Brett treats during intermission with her hard-earned money.

8.  Owen came home Sunday morning so we headed over to the Festival of the Nativities on Sunday night to watch our good and amazing singing friend Elise Vikari sing.  We have gotten so spoiled with amazing friends who sing and an amazing ward choir.

9. I enjoyed spending time yesterday with my Uncle Bob (my mom’s brother), Aunt Car and my cousin Emily.  It has been a long long time since I’ve seen then (probably 7 years).  It was great to get caught up and keep doing a double take because it sure looked like my granddad sitting across the table from me.

10. I am losing my mind.  I had a great one that I didn’t want to forget to add (back on number 6 I think) and now can’t remember it for the life of me.  So maybe there might some random blog this week with the one I forgot.

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    I didn’t know that you could claim losing your mind as one of the 10 things. I will have to remember that. Thanks for posting I love to hear how you guys are doing

  2. Kari says:

    My kids loved that you got a letter from Santa!

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