Ten on Tuesday

1.  Amazing how this month is flying by.  Only 12 days til Christmas.  That means the fun starts tonight.  Commando’s get ready for the super stealth holiday drop for the next 12 nights.  Last night we put together our list of what we were going to do for our family.  Looking forward to doing the 12 days of Christmas.

2.  Last Tuesday night was our RS Christmas party – dinner, talking and a program about favorite traditions.  It was lots of fun to spend time with the amazing women in our ward.  I am lucky to be surrounded by great examples at every turn.

3.  Wednesday we finally made it in time to stand and watch Snowflake Lane from the sidewalk. Brett and Becky loved it.  I loved being with them.  Watching the awe and wonder was great – even if they tried as hard as they could not to let me get the unposed shots.

Before it starts at 7pm, there are lots of characters for your kids to meet and greet.  They hand out peppermint lolly pops – sooo  much better than candy canes.

This pictures above was this year – check out Becky from 4 years ago.

 I’d say we have grown a bit.  Some people do first day of school pictures – I do Snowflake Lane pictures.

You know that the Drummers are coming not only by the sound of drums, but the lights on the building turn on.  (you can kind of see the snow falling at the top of the picture in the light at the top of the building in the middle of the picture.)

Check out the snow flake lights on the building.  They are spinning around and around.

Then come the drummers.

 Followed by looks of awe from my kids and me.  It is a magical 20 minutes, esp when the snow (bubbles) start to fall.

Once again we were not disappointed with Snowflake Lane.  They have been doing it for 7 years we heard and we think we’ve been going for 5 years now.

4.  I took on another home repair project – not as challenging as the dishwasher, but I got the middle garage door opener to work.  Not that my car will fit in (shelves are blocking my ability), but I can now come in from the car – which is much shorter when it is cold or rainy (which we haven’t had too much of in the last few weeks).

5.  Friday was a great day.  One of my greatest weaknesses is trying to jam pack too many things into too short of a time period.  Friday was one of those days.  I worked in the morning for the construction company.  Usually it only takes me an hour or so, but today it was close to 2 hours.  Which set everything in motion.  I was meeting great friends, Barb and Kris, to go to the warehouse sale at Rosanna’s.  I’ve been a couple of times, but it has been probably 3 or so years since I’ve been.  I’ve seen the location many times when by Safeco Field.  I had the address, but figured my great sense of direction could get me there.  After coming off the freeway differently and waiting for a train, I realized that they had moved warehouse  – how is that possible.  We headed to the warehouse when I discovered that I was out of gas.  So looking for a gas station became a higher priority.  We saw the warehouse as we were looking for a gas station.  It turns out that is all that we were able to see, since I had scheduled a lunch that I needed to get to in Bellevue.  Only to help cement my image to Barb and Kris (thank goodness this isn’t the only thing they know about  me) I couldn’t find the address or name of the restaurant we were suppose to meet Emily and Randi at on my phone.  Nor did I have a cell number for either of them.  We started trying to find friends at home who could look it up for us.  Randi called and told us where the restaurant was.  The restaurant was the next to the BEST part of the day (second to spending time with amazing friends).  It was a Taiwanese restaurant.  Now added to my must do when in Bellevue list.  It was a tucked away gem.  Amazing food – Randi ordered for us and she was right on.  Loved every bite.  It was so fun to have lunch with 4 amazing women.  I am truly surrounded by greatness.  We headed home – only to have a few more twists and turns added to the drive.  Arriving back at Barb and Kris’s cars – I promised that I usually am not that clueless.  I love them dearly.  So grateful for the time we had just to talk – because that is mostly all we did.  They even are willing to try for the sale in June.  This time I know where we are going! (At least so do they.)

6.  Saturday morning was so fun.  Becky, her friend Grace and I headed to the Kent Fun Run.  They have a 5k or 10 K which I had done a couple of times years ago. This year they offer all kids 13 and under to be free.  I knew that Becky wouldn’t do it with just me so I invited friends.  Lesson learned – walking with friends is much slower than walking with Mom – but at least we did the walk.  That was the goal and purpose.

There they are looking all official in their bib numbers.

There were a couple of thousand people and the walk was beautiful.  We walked with a rock that kept being tossed and kicked – it got quite the workout.

When we had left the start they had a table full of candy – candy canes filled with M&M’s, large 5″ all day suckers, etc.  Turns out they gave it to the kids when they finished. Seeing as we were not in the top 25 (Becky has no desire to run, except for the last 25 yards to the finish line) most of the candy was gone – but they had brought out the stuffed bears – which to Becky is much more of a prize than Candy any day (Becky still has lots of Halloween candy in her room left).  Here are Becky and Grace at the finish line.

As the promised reward of Hot Chocolate – We have a special hot chocolate budget for between Thanksgiving to Christmas.   Here are Becky and Grace at the after race party in the back of my car.  Yes the apple fritter as added today because of the tremendous effort required to walk THAT far.  Grace provided the only healthy part – the cheese sticks.

 7.  While Becky and I were at the race, Owen and Brett were out on the town themselves.  The best part was when I’d send them pictures of us – they did the same.  I sent them the pictures of us getting ready for the race.  They sent us the pictures of them waiting in the Chiropractor’s office.

I sent them us finishing the race.  They sent us pictures of them getting hot chocolate.

We then sent them pictures of our hot chocolate party.  So fun to spend the day going back and forth – watching what the other had done.

8.  Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Brett’s surgery.  It was great to look back and see how far and how much he has accomplished in the last year.  So glad that I don’t have to repeat last year, but loved all that I learned from it.  Brett is growing like a weed.  I’ll try to get a picture to show you how much he has grown.  He is now taller than Lindsay (when he has shoes and braces on – and she doesn’t have on her platform heals).

9.  Love all the Christmas movies that we have been watching with the kids.  Still trying to find the Muppets Christmas Carol – best version ever.  I must say that we defintely have a WONDERFUL LIFE!!!!

10.  Owen has taken a new job.   He even got a press release about it.  http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2011/12/12/prweb9024236.DTL   Looking forward to lots of frequent flyer miles and watching him be AMAZING!!!  So proud of him and so grateful for our many blessings.

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    Love the Hot Chocolate budget! and way to go for Owen!!

  2. Kari says:

    YEAH OWEN!!!!!!!!! I wish that it was cold enough here for a hot chocolate budget!! Love the pictures!

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