Ten on Tuesday

1.  This has been my favorite Christmas Season so far.  I have loved everything about it since Thanksgiving til now.  This week still has lots of fun so we have been living a dream for 6 weeks straight.  Hopefully January will not be too much of a let down.

2.  Brett has helped make this year so fun.  He is sooo excited about everything.  We have been counting down the days.  On Christmas eve – starting at noon he wanted to know how many more hours til he could go to bed.  I love the excitement of Christmas from kids.

3.  Usually I have all the friend/neighbor gifts delivered by the 10th.  This year I saved them for the week prior.  I loved having the change to spend a few afternoons visiting my friends.  Usually the week prior I am done and just waiting for something fun to happen.  This year was great, because I could still be “getting ready” the week of.  Something to be said about not being too prepared.

4.  Love Becky’s amazing personality.  She is loves to really thing about someone wants for a gift.  I loved it when she said to me how this year she was more excited about the gifts she was giving than the gifts she was hoping to get.  If only we could all be like her.

5.  Lindsay and I started a new Christmas Eve tradition this year.  She wanted to go and look out at the area on Christmas Eve.  She wanted someone to go with her and she told me to grab my camera.  I brought it and the tripod.  The view from up in the Highlands was amazing.  The fog below looked like a blanket.  I was hoping that I could get the right picture to show what the view really looked like.  While I was paying around trying to get the timed exposure right we were lucky to “catch” Santa in the sky.

Santa caught over Cougar Mountain in Issaquah, WA.  Loved the blanket of “snow”/fog just above Issaquah downtown.

Santa heading over Seattle.

Just to let you know – these shots are straight out of the camera, no Photoshop.  I used my Cannon Rebel and set it to a 30 second exposure (hence the need for the tripod – 30 seconds is a really long time to wait for it to click).  Then I switched to manual exposure and set to infinity.  Loved how the long expose allowed enough light to come into the picture so you could see the blanket of clouds just as we were at 10:45 – 11:00 at night.


Lindsay a cute as ever.

6.  Christmas was so fun.  I love my family.   I thought Brock was calling in the morning and I realized when he didn’t call that he probably meant evening (I couldn’t figure out why he would be calling at 6am).  I am a morning person if you can’t tell.  It was great to look forward to talking with him all day.  Church was wonderful and it was great to spend time there.  It seems like it sure makes it easier to think about Jesus and all that Christmas really means when you are able to go to church, take the sacrament and spend time listening to the most talented ward choir and families who can play many instruments.   We had the sister missionaries who are serving in our ward over for dinner.   The icing on the cake was to spend a wonderful hour talking with Brock.  Sure love him and the amazing man he is becoming.

7.  I learned a very very important lesson on Christmas morning.  Brett has been waiting since September to get his “blue” light saber.  He has looked at it over and over and over again on the computer and watched every YouTube Video ever made with a light saber (well maybe not everyone, but lots).  Owen waited until the next to last gift to give Brett the LONG awaited gift.   I was so excited to see Brett’s face to pure delight when he opened his gift.  He opened it and his face dropped, it turned the box around and pointed at a picture of a light saber and put his head down ready to cry.   We were all saying what it wrong.  Owen looked and discovered my CRITICAL ERROR.  I had bought a blue light saber.  Who knew that more than one Jedi used blue light sabers.  I purchased Obi-Wan version not Anakin Skywalker.  What was I thinking.  As Brock so eloquently put it – Mom you are a amateur (or something like that).   Needless to say we promised to order him an Anakin blue light saber and he could use the Obi-Wan until the other arrived and then Owen would use that light saber.  Needless to say – all you Mom’s if  your child wants a light saber – have your child tell your husband and then have him buy it.

8.  Becky rented Owen a saxophone for a month for her gift to him for Christmas.  It has been fun to hear him play.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard him play since we’ve been married.  He is great.  Brett even got his birthday song serenaded to him by Owen.

9.  Thanks to Greg and Nicolle for the coveted Travelocity Gnome which Owen won for winning the Amazing Race game that we play with them and their friends.  Thanks for letting us play.  Nicolle made sure that the Gnome had on the proper holiday attire.

10.  Becky has helped the music ring out this week in our home.  She got a set of musical bells and she has a great talent at them already.  I love to sit and listen to them as she plays me song after song.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    I have to say Jed knows who’s light sabers are who’s and can only be that person when he has that color etc. It is crazy. Blue is blue. Love the sax idea. What an awesome thought. How did you “catch” santa? photo shop?

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