Lindsay Round One

I found a website which offered photography critiques from “Celebrity” photographer (really the other photographers who have businesses and seem to show up on most the photography blogs that I read).  I saw that one who was having her month in January who was a senior picture specialist.  I figure what a great way to do a better job of taking pictures of Lindsay – she wants more of the pro look than the casual.  So for the next 4 weeks I get to do a photo shot with Lindsay and then have a great photographer help me become better.  Looking forward to it.

Here are the pictures from our photo shoot on Saturday.

1.      One “before & after” image so your Celebrity Photographer can see what your SOOC (straight out of camera) image looks like and what your typical edit/post-processing is.


edited and cropped

2.      One black and white image

3.      One image you love

4.      One image you are okay with

5.      One of your worst images that you are struggling with (okay this is hard – this is one of my better but still needs things – my worst has so many bad that I know the answers to that)

Looking forward to the feedback and to the photo shoots with Lindsay.  Look for us popping up all around Seattle.

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