Ten on Tuesday

1. Underground Tour of Seattle with Owen was lots of fun. It is something that I have always wanted to do, but just never made the time to do it. I highly recommend it. We learned the true story of how Skid Row got its name, and all about the battles between Seattle and Tacoma in the early days.

2. Brett is now 14 years old. Can you believe that. How I love him. He has made our family much more loving happier place to be. Can’t imagine life without him.

3. Tuesday was supposed to be our day in the snow. It started with the annual pulling out of the snow clothes box. Discovering what did and does not fit. Brett had therapy do Becky and I did a quick run for the needed items. When we picked Brett up it was raining hard. Quick call to Owen confirmed that is was raining and not snowing up on the pass. What do you do? You go BOWLING!! Brett and Becky did great.

4. Thursday was our highly anticipated Sound of Music Sing-A-Long. That is a must for everyone. The larger the crowd the better. Brett and Becky loved it. All the free popcorn and pop were the icing on the cake. Thanks to Tom, Heather, Jan and Tim Matthews for hosting a great time. Owen and Lindsay headed to dinner instead. We missed them!

5. Friday was a beautiful day here and a perfect day to play in the snow. We headed up to the pass. We found the perfect snowbank to play on/in. Brett and Becky loved it. They were having a great time and we never ended up more than 20 feet from the car. It was a tough computer week so I’ll post more pics later. One big lesson learned – emergency brakes make it very hard for the two nice men trying to push my car out of the snow. Totally embarrassed when one of them pointed it out to me!

6. I have read a couple of cool blog posts. This one is a favorite. While it talks about how to be a good photographer, I think it applies to all of us each day.

This is the best entry, but they all are good. Check it out.
How to Be a Good Photographer | A Handy Step-by-Step Tutorial
I really like Step #2, and here is a quote lifted from Step #8:

8. Be good to your ego. Stop worrying about who’s better or worse than you. Watch a marathon one day, and take note of how many people are looking over their shoulder as they cross the finish line. No one? That’s because you need to look ahead and focus on your own run, or you’ll fall on your face.
… … …

7. Another favorite was a story about two young boys who decided that the only way you jump off a cliff into water below is to be fully committed. I hope that I can be totally committed.

8. I loved having Owen home for two weeks.

9. I have decided to squash my sudoku habit. I’ve spent waay too much time on Sudoku the past few months.

10. Oh yeah – once again, my New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight and eat healthy for 2012. Wish me luck, and send me all of your diet tips, either in comments to this blog entry or on my facebook page.

Happy 2012 Everyone!

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    dieting tips. I just read since I’m seriously craving chocolate. To drink choc milk or hot choc instead of eating the candy bar. Glad you all got to play in the snow.

  2. Christina says:

    So glad you were all able to make it to the Underground Tour! Feel pretty honored that you made it one of your top ten things to do during the week, and happy to hear your enjoyed it!

    Have a wonderful 2012 — hope we see you again!

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