Ten on Tuesday

1.  I love January.  I am always amazed at how fun it is to “start over” and feel like this time I’m going to get it all right!  I seem to have 3 of these a year – January, May (when it is light really early in the morning) and Sept.  My momentum lasts a month of two so that is good that I’ve got three a year.

2.  Lindsay started Junior College last week.  She is taking classes at GRCC and is working towards her AA in Fine Arts.  Washington state has a program where they will pay for your classes for two years.  Lindsay is having fun and learning lots about college – buying really expensive books, figuring out class schedules, etc.

3.  Brett has a new driver.  He is so excited.  I told Brett that this guy is one of Brock’s friends – and I don’t think it matters who – Brett loved him.  Derek is waiting to leave for his mission to Brazil in mid-March so Brett is in heaven til then.  Thanks Derek!

4.  Becky is staying busy watching The Next Great Cake Baker.  There was a 6 hour marathon so we started our who goes home when charts – just like we do with Greg and Amazing Race.  It was a little easier since we had seen a few shows (earlier weeks) so we knew a little about it.

5.  Owen’s and my 23rd Wedding anniversary was this past weekend.  We escaped for one of my favorite things in one of my favorite places – SEATTLE.  We headed down on Friday afternoon.  Owen had a gotten a great deal from a fellow airplane traveler/hotel owner and we stayed at Hotel Andra.   Loved the room and the furniture (more on that in another line).  We walked to an amazing restaurant for dinner.  We hit the Bartells so we could have our own candy and didn’t need to eat the candy in the room’s food basket.  Saturday morning we were way lazy!  We we finally made it out of the room we headed to the Seattle Art Museum outdoor sculpture park.

6.  The Outdoor sculpture park is something I’d always wanted to go and see.  Where else can you see something like this?

or this?

Loved all the fun shots we could get.

Even more fun being with the greatest guy around – Owen.

Here are fun shots of my favorite town on a grey but amazing day.

7.  So I fell in love with this upholsterd bench at the end of the bed in the hotel room.

Still trying to find somewhere that sells something like it – probably only to pass out when I see how much they want for it.

8.  On our way home we stopped at Costco to “see the price of a new bed”.   Our current bed was purchased between Brock and Lindsay (so 18-20 yrs old) for $300 new (cheapest and worst) on the market then.  Thanks to our good friend Scott and his son Alex – we were able to bring home an AMAZING mattress.

Here’s the old bed heading off to the dump.  Crazy that the mattress is smaller than the box spring.

Here is the new mattress in our room.  Love that I have to crawl up into bed.

We have changed the placement in the room and I love it.  Still working to get everything else in its new place -will show the complete before and after shots then.

9.  So excited for Adventure Tuesdays to start back up today!  Looking forward to rock climbing.

10.  Grateful that boy’s hair grows fast.  Just so you don’t think that all is always perfect around here, I just letting you know that Brett’s most recent haircut by me was a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.  So glad that he is a kid who didn’t notice how bad of a job I did even when one of my children was trying to point out to me all my flaws in the haircut.  Trust me there were lots – I can only get better from here – or as my daughter told me Jana Bell needs to move back.

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    That has to be the highest bed I’ve ever seen 🙂 glad you finally got a new one. Good for Lindsay

  2. Kindy says:

    I don’t know why you thought your old bed was bad…that was thin. I loved your photos, especially the one of the train coming and the birds taking flight! You have a great talent! Hurray for Lindsay!

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