Adventure Tuesday – Rock Climbing At Stone Gardens

It was another great day with my Adventure Tuesday friends.  What an amazing group of women.  I am so glad that January means we are going back at it strong and weekly again.

Today we headed to Stone Garden’s in Bellevue.   It has been years (around 7) since I have rock climbed.  I’ve never been to a Climbing gym.  I have climbed at YMCA of the Rockies and Bellevue South Community Center.  Let me tell you – Climbing Gyms are worth the little extra that you pay.  All I can say is grab a friend or more and go climbing!  Better yet – call me up and I’d love to go back.


Once again I tell you that the equipment makes all the difference.  I have never worn the climbing shoes until today.  Man do they make a HUGE difference.

I love our before and after shot.

In the Beginning

Us after climbing for 2 hours:

We grew in confidence by leap and bounds literally.

There are lots of different routes to use and go up.  Each of the colors represents a different route which are all numbered according to difficulty.  I loved all the different options – that is what the climbing gym has over and above the other places I’ve been before.  Also loved that if you need to you just use another color to get you up to the top.

Here are some of my favorite shots of me and my good friends.

My good friend Tamie – who is an incredible athlete.

Loved the look of what you really look like climbing up the wall.

And lastly the best part of all – coming down the wall.  How I’d love to do this part for real out in the world and a long way down!

This time I started easy and then slowly got harder and harder routes.  Next time – start on my last successful route and then go from there.  That way hopefully my arms will not tire out too soon.  Found new muscles this morning that haven’t been used in forever.  Very tops of my shoulders – how do you even work out those muscles?  Guess I just need to climb more so that they get stronger.

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