Ten on Tuesday

1.  Loved this past week.  Loved everything about it.    I have great kids and an amazing husband.    LOVE my new bed – so much so that Brett missed the bus on Tuesday, because I overslept.  Have never done that one before.  So the next few items are the things I love about my new bed.

2.  I love the pillows.  We have 8 pillows.  I love the brown and the green throw pillows.

3.  I love the my kids show up and jump in bed with me to read or watch a movie.  That has never happened before – mostly because you’d never of found me spending much more time than needed in my bed.  Now – totally different story.  Love IT!


4.  Love how our room is used better.    Here is an old shot of the room.

Now here is Owen’s side.

And my side – here’s to hoping that I start using that exercise equipment sooner than later.

5.  Love at the view I get to wake up each morning to (okay if I stay in bed long enough to see it. – snow days are helping with that)

6.  Lindsay and ran up to our favorite lookout spot (remember the Santa chasing pictures) to get some pictures with an amazing sunset.  We missed a lot of the sunset and I learned about trying to use flash and a long exposure.

7.  Snow days are fun.  Sledding (no pics – I was the pull up the hill mule horse)!   Hot chocolate to warm us up.  (Hope you notice the important parts of hot chocolate – whipped cream and colored sprinkles – like we didn’t get enought sugar – we needed to add a bit more to make it festive.)

Rock Band/Guitar Hero – started pretty intense and then got a little bit more relaxed.

8.  So excited – did you know that if you have mini blinds and wood blinds you can repaired it the strings break?  After a long time – I finally called around for Lindsay’s blinds and found a guy right around the corner (okay 3 miles a way) who repairs and it only cost $30.  So much better than replacing!

9.  Owen has finished SharePoint Directions and is now getter ready to leave for New Zealand on Friday.  Can’t believe he is actually going!  SO Cool.  Only thing better is when I get to go.   dreaming, dreaming here.

10.  Last week I ran 27 miles.  Loved every step of it.  Felt so good to be running.  This week – not so much.   Love the snow for everything, but that lack of running I do when it is snowing.

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