Ten on Tuesday

1.  What a wild and crazy weather week.  We had snow, sleet, ice, power outages and lots of fun, but very happy to have power again.

2.  Becky spent lots of time on Thursday and Friday playing with friends in the neighborhood – no power means lots of imagination!  Love it!

3.  Brett was so fun on Sunday.  He was sitting by Lindsay at church.  Lindsay asked to put his arm around her shoulder.  He did and they sat that way for a few minutes.  Loved it, but couldn’t really take a picture.  I have a picture in my mind that will be there for a long time.

4. Friday Owen left for his trip to New Zealand.  He is having a great time and sent home a few pictures – not to make me jealous or anything like that!

This is his view from his office window.

This is our “retirement villa”  – should I hold him to his email title?

He is having a great time!

5.  Cutest thing ever this morning at the car dealership service waiting room.   Older gentleman (probably in 70’s or 80’s) to the service provider.  You don’t need to replace the left turn signal.  I only make right turns now.  When the service provider said that it was already done and walked a way the old man said – man if I had gotten to him in time I could have saved $3 dollars by not having them replace the light bulb.  Love it – does a GPS allow you to program it to give you a route that only has right turns?

6.  Lindsay was a great help in the snow this past week.  My car decided to wait out most of Friday just down the street (something about too much slush/snow and ice to make it all the way home).  I walked down Friday night hoping that enough had melted or gotten harder so that I could get it home.  No such luck for me.  Lindsay came home a few hours later and told me that she had gotten my car home safe.  Not bad at all – Thanks Lindsay.

7.  I love when the power is out and when it gets dark by 5pm.  By 8 it seems like you’ve been away for hours reading by a propane lantern so the kids are happy to get into a warm bed.  I love going to bed early.  Something that hasn’t happened for a long time with having teenagers.  Friday morning when the power was still of I tried to convince my kids to climb in and stay in bed with me.  It was just too warm to get out.

8.  We have several limbs that have broken off the trees, but haven’t fallen out of the trees yet.  Hopefully the wind storms that we are supposed to have the next few days will help with that and that they will fall away from the house.

9.  Had soooooo much fun on Saturday afternoon/evening.  I ordered 40 lbs of chicken breasts from Zaycon foods.  Picked them up in the afternoon.  I was planning on making some marinades with my good friend Julie to put in with them as we froze them – Image that chicken that is already marinated and ready to go – all I have to do is thaw and cook it up.  I invited a few more friends and so did Julie.  We had 6 and for a little time 7 women sealing up 200 lbs of chicken.  It was great crazy and a lot more fun that cutting up the chicken as I’ve done before.  Best part is I have some new yummy chicken – Lime Garlic; Cilantro Garlic; Thai Chicken; Soyatki; Zesty Italian; Sprite/Soy Sauce; and teriaki.  Looks like we will be eating good for a while.  Next time I’ll remember to take a picture.  So glad this all happened after the power came back on.

10.  As Owen flew off – I booked a trip for Owen and myself.  We are headed to Atlanta on April 13-15th.  We are going to do the Great Urban Race on Saturday at high noon – kind of like a mini amazing race http://greaturbanrace.com/event2012_atlanta.php and then going to a Braves game that night!  Looking forward to a fun filled weekend away with Owen.  If you are in town or want to come into town and would like to join us, let us know we’d love to see  you!


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  1. karenscott24 says:

    awesome about the great urban race!

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