Adventure Tuesday – Snowshoeing at Gold Creek – Snoqualmie Summit

I had never snowshoed before but was looking forward to going.  We had to cancel last week due to the snow storm.  This week turned out perfect!  The weather up at the pass was perfect, high 29’s no wind and for a little bit softly falling snow.

We drove up to the Hyak exit off I-90 and headed under the freeway towards Gold Creek.  There is a very short section of the road which is plowed straight – the main road takes a quick turn to the right.  We parked in the short section of the road.  The difference between a Tuesday morning and the Friday of Christmas break made a huge difference in the amount of people there – Tuesday morning 4 vehicles – Friday of Christmas break – 50 or more vehicles.  Here is a picture of us at the start.  Trust me once we started, the layers, hats, goggles came off.

Here is a map of where we went:   We got off I-90 at road 906 and took the road that goes straight to the right.   We followed along the Nat Forrest Dev Road 2235.  We followed it to where it forks and we took the right turn (the trail turns right – didn’t realize you had a choice).  We followed it until you get to the first turn.  We had made it to the half way part of our 5K and turned around and came back down.

Us at the top (of the 5K that is – another time we’ll make it to the top of the mtn)  Our elevation was 3265  (cars were at 2550).

Now that I have looked at a map of where we were can’t wait to go back and see more!

We started out and were amazed at how beautiful it was to be snowshoeing (hiking) in the snow.  There was a well worn path and we just started to follow it.  We stopped often to take in the view.  It is hard truly tell you how beautiful it was.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.

We were surprised to see after a mile or so that we up above the base of the ski resorts on the opposite side of I-90.  One of the most amazing things to me was that when you’d put your ski poles in the snow you’d see a blue light coming from the whole.  Almost like there was a little light in the snow.  In case you are wondering why – which we were here is the most simplest description I could find on the internet (so of course it is true).  In simplest of terms, think of the ice or snow layer as a filter. If it is only a centimeter thick, all the light makes it through; if it is a meter thick, mostly blue light makes it through. This is similar to the way coffee often appears light when poured, but much darker when it is in a cup.

Had so much fun with my friends and so glad that my cousin Emily was able to come too.  What a great introduction to the amazing state we live in!

Until next week.  Happy Snowshoeing…

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