Ten on Tuesday

1.  It has been a great week with no power outages.  Power is good!

2.  I got a totally fun hat for running and Adventure Tuesdays!   I will love it because you can wear your hair in a ponytail and still have a hat on and a warm head.

Amazing how something fun can make running on a crummy day fun!  Love new gear almost as much as a good run.

3.  My favorite new Brett gestures is something that he has started doing lately.  When he is told something, he will put his finger to his head and say, “Oh, I got it!”   I love it!  Always puts a smile on my face!!!!

4.  I have loved being able to pull chicken out of the freezer and thaw it in the sink for 30  min and Dinner is ready!!!

5.  Friday, Owen came home.  So good to see him.  He had an amazing week in  New Zealand.

6.  Friday night Owen, Brett and I went with Brett’s friend Spencer to Motopyscho Mania.  We had so much fun watching motorcycles jumping, doing flips, crazy hands and feet off the motorcycle during the jump and motorcycles driving in a steel cage.

Spencer is an amazing true friend to Brett.  So grateful him kindness and friendship to Brett.

7. Loved going out to eat with Owen.  We went to an amazing restaurant in Bellevue.  A recommendation from years ago from good friends.  So glad we went.

8.  Adult session of Stake Conference was wonderful.  Loved it so much!

9.  Loved having Owen home for Sunday afternoon.  That is when I miss him the most is when he is going on a Sunday afternoon/evening.

10.  Huge thanks to Lindsay (before school) and Owen who stayed at home with Brett so that I could go and play today with my friends.  You are both the BEST!

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kindy says:

    It must have been a weekend of crazy automobile events because little Vern went to a monster truck event on Saturday. We’ll have to have him and Brett hang out and go to wild events!

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