Adventure Tuesday – Cross Country Skiing at Gold Creek, WA

So much fun cross country skiing after many, many, many years.  I know I cross country skiied a few times in high school during gym class around good old Victor High School grounds.  Fast forward 20+ years and 8 great friends, a BEAUTIFUL sunny day and not the best snow and you have a wonderful day outside.

I had bought some skiis 3 or so years back off craigslist.  I had no idea what condition they were in so I took them to get waxed.  Not to self – and anyone else.  Waxed skiis are VERY slippery. Not the best when you are trying to figure out how to ski.  Needless to say I had many chances to practice getting up, all of us had many chances so I was in good company.

We headed up the Snoqualmie Pass.  We went to the Gold Creek Trail Head and got ready to ski.

After reading the instructions from off the internet on how to cross country ski and a quick lesson from our amazing teacher Hollie, we headed out on our 5K+ ski run.

Note the very flat terrain.  We were amazed at how even the little hill brought us to our bumbs quite easily.

Here is a map of our route that we took.

Lots of fun.  Love spending time with good friends and so glad that Emily, my cousin was able to come again.  We both agreed at the end that snow shoeing is a much easier first timer sport and looking forward to more snow shoeing on the 14th of February.

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