Ten on Tuesday

1.  Quote of the day that I loved yesterday from Ragnar Relay Motivational Monday.

What a great theme for each day.  I loved this comment from Pioneer Women.  “I love morning anyway. It signals a new day, everything is quiet and crisp and cool, and everything seems possible.”  Must be why I love a run in the morning.

2.  Last night Owen had left a newspaper article on our bed that he thought I would enjoy reading.  Loved it!  Great article about how to be a better parent. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204740904577196931457473816.html

Becky walked in as I was reading and Owen was looking at something else and she said “I didn’t know your read newspapers on your bed now.”  Life is getting crazy in our home – Mom is being seen reading.

3.   So excited to start a photography class again this Thursday with a good friend from the ward.  Watch out for Pick a Winner Wednesday next week.

4.  Becky took her Christmas/Birthday trip to visit the one and only Jana Bell.  Everyone needs a Jana Bell in their life.  So glad we have her in our’s.  Becky loved it so much the only thing I heard from her while she was there was that she didn’t want to come back.

Sure missed Becky when she was gone, but so happy for her indepenence and spirit of adventure.

5.  Have LOVED the sunny sunny days here lately.  We’ve been in the 60’s lately.  How crazy is that.  No complaining going on here.

6.  Saturday I decided that since it was sunny, I had not excuse to do a bit of tree trimming at our home.

The front of our house had gone from looking like this: (note tall tree on the left side of the door)

to this:  ( note tall tree lying down on front yard)

Now note the yard waste bush and not much on the left of the front door.

My favorite memory of this was when I told Brett I was going to go and cut down the tree in the front yard – he immediately went to his room and got out his chainsaw that he got for Christmas two years ago.

Here he is with his saw after helping me look for limbs to cut down in the back yard.

 Love him!  Love everything about him.

7.  So looking forward to out Super Tuesday Adventure in May – kayaking the San Juan Islands – best part is that my MOM is coming with me.  Sooooo much fun is going to be had.  Now the hard part waiting and waiting.

8.  Last night for FHE our lesson was from the Feb New Era about a boy how had found a note while he was running (knew I liked the story) and there was a $100 bill in the note and it said have a good day.  He then decided to try to find ways to help 100 people.  So that is our family’s challenge find ways to make a dollar or two make someone’s day.  Will post some of our ways here.  http://www.lds.org/new-era/2012/02/100-dollars-100-acts-of-service?lang=eng

9.  Thanks to Kindy for posting her run on Saturday morning, she inspired me to run 10 miles Sat morning.  I had wanted to all week, but with Owen and Becky gone on Sat. my bed was feeling mighty cozy.  So glad that I did it.  It has been a long long long time since I’ve run that far at one time.

10.  Lindsay can keep us laughing all dinner with her stories from college.  Love it when she shares them with us.  Sure love her.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    Love Ragnar’s monday quotes. Just wish I could actually do something about them. oh well its all good. I am also a lot envious of your warm weather. Are Lindsay’s stories just like the show community?

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