Adventure Tuesday – Snow Shoeing at Gold Creek Revisted

We went show shoeing again up near Hyak/Gold Creek Washington.  Valentines Day proved to reduce our number, but Kristy and I had a great time together.


We hiked the same trail as last time and went about a mile further.  It was very different snow (last time was lots of fresh powder) – hard and compacted.  It was cloudy most of the day with a light fluffy flakes falling some of the time.  It is always funny to see how on the way up, you are taking more and more layers off.  Then on the way down – not that it is colder, but downhill doesn’t get your body pumping quite as much – we just kept putting more and more layers back on.

Part way up when you can see Summit at Snoqualmie across the freeway.

Kristy and Me at the top of our hike – 2.6 miles and 1,500 vertical elevation gain.

There was a 5 minute section where it was really snowing.  So fun to see it coming down.  The pictures make it look much more like sleet, but it was still snow.  Loved how it shows up really well against the red coat.

This lasted for 5 minutes and then we were back to no or lightly falling snow.  Love snow shoeing – lesson learned today.  Make sure shoes are on tight – huge blisters on my heals are keeping me from running this morning.  😦


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