Ten on Tuesday

1.  The kids have mid winter break this week.  Not much planned but lots of play dates have been set up.

2.  Saturday I listed out lots of jobs I had hoped to get done on the white board.  Usually these lists are more of a suggestion than actually happen.  To my surprised – most everything (only the more decorating items were left up) got erased off the board.  I use to be a huge list maker every day.  Don’t do that quite as often, but it sure worked and helped me get lots done on Saturday.

3.  I got a blister on the back of each heel last Tuesday.  Running on Thurs – Sat was not much of an option.  I so missed it, but the last two morning it has been great to run.  Somehow it amazes me how it can be raining a little, but the need to go and run (plus a baseball hat, gloves and rain vest) make it not matter.  I came back in this morning wetter than I have been after a run for a long long time.

4.  I had lots of help yesterday from Becky and her friend.  They were my chief bubble blowers.  I was trying to take pictures of a bubble bursting and bubbles in general for my photography class.  They had lots of fun with the bubbles and produced some great bubbles.  It only took 215 shots to get 3 that I’m putting up tomorrow for Pick a Winner Wednesday.

5.  Saturday night I headed out to another movie with Owen and Lindsay.  I have no idea how long it has been since I have seen two movies within 8 days.  Crazy.  Sure loved spending time with both of them.  I am amazed more and more how much alike Owen and Lindsay are.  I have always know it but little things keep showing up.  Love them both.

6.  So excited for my brother and his family.  They had hoped to be able to go to Japan on their next rotation with Navy.  Their dreams have some true!   How fun.  They head over in May.  I’d love to go and see them.  I happened to say that out loud and Brett heard might go see Jeff and he was SO happy even willing to pose for a photo to show Jeff how happy he was.  Brett has a great love of Jeff and his family.  Don’t we all.

7.  The Amazing Race season 20 has started.  I love watching it.  Becky and I decided to make empanadas this week.  I looked up sky diving, but figured the empanadas were a much easier option to recreate the amazing race in our home this week.

8.  I actually read a novel this past week.  Becky isn’t sure what is happening.  I was actually reading a chapter book.  Owen’s cousin, Rachel Renee Anderson, writes great novel.  They are romance novels and they are very predictable and the people you want to fall in love do and the endings are happy.  Love those kinds of fun reads.

9.  I pulled my steamer part of my pan set out of the attic a few weeks ago.  I am loving steaming my veges.  Why didn’t I do this years ago.  So quick and so yummy.

10.  Not sure I’m ready for Owen to start taking off and traveling again.  I have gotten really used and truly enjoy him home as he has been home for this being the third week in a row.

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6 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kindy says:

    Are those Rachel’s books?

  2. Kris says:

    Yes – she has three and they are great for a mindless read. Although I don’t put them down very well so it is a good thing she only writes one every year or two.

  3. karenscott24 says:

    So were either of the movies worth seeing? I as well would love to visit Jeff and Heather.

    • Kris says:

      Loved The Vow. Totally worth seeing on video or in the movies. The other was sooo funny, but had some pretty inappropriate scenes so I don’t want to recommend it.

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