Adventure Tuesday – Tubing at Snoqualmie Summit

Tuesday was rainy so we actually waited until Thursday to go.  Weather was good.  It was snowing most the time we were there.  Light wet snow.  Not bad unless you didn’t have on Sunglasses or goggles on – then it stung your eyes.

We headed up with 4 other families – in total 5 mom’s and 10 kids.

Becky and her good friends take to the hills in STYLE.

The reason I can still take Brett tubing.  The rope tow that pulls him up.  He loves it and I love that we can get to the top effortlessly.  Brett loved to go fast – not a big shocker.  A couple of times I was able to bump him at the bottom while he was still on his tub I had went far enough.   He loved to drag his feet on the way to the top in the snow.

After a fun morning tubing it was great to warm up with yummy food.

I love this guy.  His face makes me smile everytime I see him.

It was a wonderful time with great friends, lots of speed and of course – We had to find a reason to need a hot chocolate again.  It has been a few months.

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1 Response to Adventure Tuesday – Tubing at Snoqualmie Summit

  1. Karen says:

    makes me want to come visit. I think my kids would enjoy it much more than the last time.

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