Ten on Tuesday

1.  This past week has been a great one.  I love having my kids at home for a school break.  It was filled with fun, playdates and lazy mornings.  Loved it.  After Becky blowing lots of bubbles, Brett wanted in on the action.  Amazon to the rescue – loved the bubble gun – Brett loved the box at the front door 2 days later.

2.  We had lots of fun swimming last Tuesday night.  It has been since May since I have been back to the warm water therapy pool.  Brett and I spend many many hours there last year as he recovered from his hip surgery.  I had forgotten how much your clothes/towels/everything comes home SMELLING of chlorine.  Don’t miss that smell at all.  Here are some fun pictures we took as we tried out the underwater camera.

3.  Friday and Saturday were Del Sol Ragnar – my sisters Kim, Kari and Kindy along with Scott (Kim’s husband) ran and Vern (Kindy’s husband) drove.  It was fun to cheer for them via texts.  Loved doing that race 4 years ago with Kim and Julie.

Here are Kim and I from 2009

4.  Brett loves Transformer Xbox game.  He has played the demo game for years on Xbox live.  Saturday he pulled the name on Xbox live menu.  Then he typed it into the Amazon website (he new favorite way to get a box on the front steps – see item #1).  He found where they sold them (lucky for me Amazon asks for a password and he doesn’t know it).  It has been out for a while so they have it for cheaper from other sellers.  Brett wanted it so I asked him how much he had.  He needed 9 more dollars.  He quickly went to work emptying the dishwasher, folding and putting away laundry, wiping down the fridge/dishwasher/pantry.  I had his eagle eye on the dishwasher all weekend for the clean button to light up.  By Monday night he had earned enough 1 dollar jobs to give me all his money and order the game.  Now the hard part waiting for the box to come.

5.  Saturday morning I left on my run with a bit extra of GU’s just in case I was inspired by my sibling doing great thing running the Ragnar.  With the constant companionship of my computerized voice from RunKeeper, I ran my first 13.1 miles/half marathon in a long long time.  I was thrilled with the pace and that I felt as good as I did.  Thanks to GU and shot blocks for helping with that part.  Loved my cheering section of texts from Owen.  Poor Becky kept calling asking me when I’d be home.  Better start out early next Saturday so they will be sleeping for more of it.

6. Sunday at church Brett jumped out of his seat during the opening announcements and climbed over Lindsay to run to the door where Jana Bell stood.  He has missed since she moved to Alaska in August.  He wasn’t going to let anyone stop him from getting  a hug.  Don’t worry Brock – his will probably knock you over when you get home he will be so excited to see you!

7.   Sunday afternoon Brett got a power scooter from a very kind and generous women at church.  She had an extra and wanted Brett to have it.  Brett has been waiting for two weeks and was always signing the work for key to tell me he was excited to have the power scooter.  Trust me he is all male and love POWER anything.  He is in heaven with the scooter.

8. Becky and I attempted to make empanadas.  Needless to say I am a bad cook because I will try to take short cuts and switch ingredients if I don’t have something.  Let me tell you that pot stickers dough circles doesn’t taste (I don’t think – since I’ve never had one) like empanadas do.  Here is the pan Becky and I made, but the cooked one -I’m not going to show.  Looking for a good place in Seattle to eat them so we’ll know what they are really suppose to taste and look like for that matter.

9.  Becky’s birthday was on Monday.  She is now 10.  No more kids in single digits in this home!!!!  I’ll tell you more about Becky on Friday, but we had her favorite things on Monday – Pizza, garlic bread sticks and cheesecake.

10.  What do you do on a day when it is rainy and snowy and your power scooter can’t get wet?  Ride in the garage for an hour of course with a HUGE smile the whole time.

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    Costco used to sell empanadia’s. Loved the way they taste. Love Brett on his scooter. Way to go on your run too! You are amazing (I probably called you while you were running too sorry)

    • Kris says:

      I will look at Costco was it in the frozen section?

      You called just as I had started I was only hslf way to the kids school.


      Sent from my iPhone

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