Ten on Tuesday

1.  What a great week it has been.  To finish it off look at what I woke up to and got to run in this morning.

Everything was white, except for the roads which were wet, but not slippery.  BEAUTIFUL run this morning.  The sun has come out and most of the snow is gone.  Loved it this  morning.

2.  Happy Leap Year day on Wednesday.  Becky’s school had a “dance”.  Her favorite part was hanging out with her good friends and the Hulu hoop contest.

My favorite part was talking with a friend all night who I haven’t had a chance to talk to in way to long!

3.  Photography class was lots of fun.  The theme was people so I “mined my collection” since it had been crummy weather and I wasn’t in the mood to take pictures of strangers in the rain.  All the pictures I used have been on this blog.

4.  Becky is going to a soccer clinic each Friday night this month with her good friends.  Friday nights in March up on the Highland’s is like standing on a bluff where the wind and rain whips past you.  It is known for VERY cold nights (only positive is that it is turf fields so at least mud isn’t an issue).  Last Friday night was no exception.  Becky had on 4 layers on her top and 3 on her bottoms.  Did she notice the wind and rain at all?  Nope – friends make all that disappear.

5.  Brett is growing up.  Saturday was a day when I wondered am I holding him back?  He went shopping with me and he got green headphones that are HUGE and go over his head.  He LOVES his music.

6.  We got home and he got his MP3 and loved to listen to his music.  He asked me if he could go on a walk.  It was sunny and low 50’s so I said yes.  I wondered what he would do and where he would go. He then headed for the door.  Lindsay wasn’t sure I should be letting him.  I went to the front window to watch.  He went outside, down the stairs and proceeded to walk around the cul-du-sac while singing and moving his hands to the music.  Loved watching him be independent.  Lindsay let him go around a few times until she needed to be outside to make sure he was okay.

Brett came in for some Chocolate milk and then headed back out for a few more trips around the cul-du-sac.  Love watching him grow up and gain confidence in himself.  Loved that Lindsay wanted to make sure he was okay.

7.  Later on Saturday, Brett said he wanted a smoothie.   I said okay.  He then proceeded to make the entire smoothie himself.  Strawberries were taken from the freezer and put in, milk was poured in, (I opened the banana peel) he put the banana in, sugar was poured in:

Then he put it on the blender and mixed it all up.

Then he took it off the blender.  Even cleaned up a little spill.

And poured a glass for him and me.

Who knew all it takes is green headphones and music and he grows up a few years overnight.

8.  Saturday morning I was able to go with Owen to the WA Caucus.  I loved saying the pledge of allegiance with 450 other adults packed in to a lunch room at the kid’s school.   What an amazing country we live in.  So excited that Owen is a delegate and gets to go to the district caucus on March 31st.

9.  Brett had a Dr visit for his hip on Friday.  All went well.  Hip is doing great.  Brett was thrilled that his Children’s clinic has a Starbucks in the lobby.  Yes, another hot chocolate was purchased.

10.  I am not going to go to Atlanta with Owen in April (conference come up that Owen needs to be at), but in May I am going to be living a dream of kayaking the San Juan Islands with my Adventure Tuesday girlfriends and my Mom.  Can’t wait.  Hoping for perfect weather and really nice Orca’s so want me to see them but don’t really want to sniff me too close.

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