Ten on Tuesday

1.  It snowed again today – just a dusting and we have a 2 hour delay. Crazy.  A week ago 2 inches (none on road) and no delay.

2.  Wednesday afternoon Becky and her friend went to a choir concert for the elementary school in the area to support two of their friends.  I love that she has a great group of friends around her.

3.  I had my last Photography class last Thursday.  I am looking forward to my class that starts in May.  In the mean time watch for pictures as I learn to use a reflector.  One night I came home to a full moon and tried to take it’s picture.  I think this is the best I’ve ever done.

4.  Becky is loving her soccer clinic.  She and her friends come over after school and hang out til it is time to go.  When she got home she said, “I am getting great!”   I love to see self confidence grow and grow.

5.  Saturday morning I had a great run.  Ran routes which I haven’t run in a long, long time.  Interesting how some hills seemed huge before weren’t quite so bad.  Not that I’m fast, just didn’t see as long as I had remembered them.  Also getting addicted to my friend “Run Keeper”.

6.  Saturday night Owen and I went out to eat with some great friends.  Lots of fun and amazing food.  Best was the Strawberry Shave Ice for dessert.  Loved it.

7.  Monday night Becky and I delivered food which had been collected from our ward to a group of homeless men who the community supports.  It felt great to be able to share that with Becky.

8.  There is an amazing friend that we have who can design any dress.  She made Lindsay a dress for a wedding years ago.  She is willing to make Becky a dress.  We went shopping for material last night.  It is going to be beautiful.

9.  Loved on Amazing Race how two races show that there are more important things than just winning money.  The winners of that leg shared their money with a team who was racing to be able to provide better medical for one of the man’s children.  Love it when there is a great feel good story.

10.  Brett is a smoothie making machine this past week.  He has found new freedom and is loving it.  So love to watch him grow up.

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