Adventure Tuesday – Granite Curling Club

What an amazing day we had.  SO much fun.  I have never been curling before, but we had an amazing time.  We were able to learn some techniques and then play a half a game during the 2 hours we had there.

Your start off by getting on grippers for your shoes.  They really grip the ice.

Then we watched a video on curling.  It started in Scotland and has spread to the US.  There are only 170 curling clubs in the US.  (another good reason to come and see me – haven’t I given you enough great reasons!)

We then headed down to the Lanes.  There were 5 and I was surprised how long they were.

We had two instructors.  They had an amazing love and passion for the sport.  One had 5 national titles.  They split us up into two teams.

The red team – meaning they used the red “rocks”.

And the Blue Team – “We used the blue rocks”.  You can get a better picture of what our grippers look like on our shoes.

 We were then taught the techniques of curling.  The sweeping we had down from many years of housework.  Learning how to push off from the start and then release the rock, wasn’t hard.  You learned to love your training “broom” – professionals use a broom for balance – I like the pvc pipe trainer.  You put opposite of your dominate hand (I’m right handed) so I put my left foot on an “ice skateboard” which allows it to glide very very easily on the ice.  Your right foot goes into the starting blocks (I forgot the technical term).  With your right hand on the “rock” and your left hand on your pvc trainers you push off with your right foot.  Your left foot on the skateboard in at a 90 degree angle and is about equal with the rock.  Your right leg after it pushed stretches out on the ice to help you slide better.  Then you release the rock.  Learning how hard to push or how light to push or when to spin it right and left was fun.

There are 4 curlers on each team.  One is throwing the rock.  Two are sweepers (they sweep in front of the rock to help it go faster).  One is the skip.  The skip stands at the other end of the lane and show you where you want to aim and which direction to start your hand (which determines which way the rock with curve).  Barb was a great skip.

Each curler throws two rocks.  They alternate with a player from the other team.   You go through all 4 people on the team and that is called an end.

This is how scoring works.  Which ever team is closest to the center of the circle (See the red/white/blue circle Barb is standing in) wins that end and one point.  They also get one point for every rock which is closer than the other teams closest.  For example if Blue is closest and then red is next closest, then Blue gets one point.  If Blue is closest and blue has one more closer than red, blue gets two points.

We had one end where it was pretty tough to call.  Which has more of the rock off the red circle.

My pictures’ angles might be a bit in favor of blue (my team).   So we had to get the measuring device out to see which was closest.

Turns out BLUE won that so our team got 2 points for that end.  (Only time in the game).

After one end, everyone rotates starting positions (the skip is the 4th thrower) and you get a chance to do the other roles (sweeper or skip).

I had lots of fun and even started feeling like I was learning the “touch” of how hard/soft to push the rock so that I could get it as far as I wanted.

Another rule was if the rock hit the bumper, didn’t make it past the 2nd red line or went past the circle it was out of play.

It was interesting because sometimes you wanted to throw hard so that you could knock out the other teams rocks, which usually stopped your rock right where you wanted.  One time the Blue team had 3 rocks in the circle and it looked like we were going to win big.  Along came the Red team and knocked them all out of contention and won the end.

I have so much fun with amazing ladies.  As you can see from the score board, we tied after 5 ends.  The number cards which look out of order are to show the “end” the score happened in.  F0r example red got on point in the first end; blue got two points in the second end; red got one point in the 3rd end; red got one point in the 4th end; and blue got on point in the 5th end.  Making the final score after 5 ends a 3-3 tie.  We were in lane 5.

I would play again in a heartbeat.  We were even looking at the leagues on the way home talking about how much fun it would be to do with our husbands.

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  1. Kindy says:

    How Fun! How do you find all of these fun things?

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