Ten on Tuesday

1.  Owen is off having amazing adventures in Melbourne and New Zealand.  Poor guy – he is still trying to recover from pneumonia.  Needless to say it is not the adventure of a lifetime.  He was able to go and watch a Formula 1 race in Melbourne.  Lucky guy.

2.  Becky and her friend were out collecting data for their science fair project.  They were testing if the color of a sucker would trick your taste buds.  The weather was so crazy!  They walked to one house with clouds, on the way to the next house was rain, next house was hail, then snow and then a beautiful sunny day.  They were drenched when they got home.

3.  Saturday we were able to go to the baptism of our good friend Dale.  He has been attending our church since his wife and kids joined 3 years ago.  The chapel was filled with 150 great friends.  It was an amazing sight to look at the semi circle looking onto the baptismal font and see people standing 4 and 5 deep.  A priceless moment was when a 5 year old boy asks Dale as he is stepping down into the water “Are you scared?”.  Such a great moment for Dale and his family as he was baptised.

4. Saturday night we went to a dance festival put on by the youth in our church in the area.  I went because it was something free to do with Brett and Becky while Owen was away to fill up the day.  I was blow away by how great the kids did.  They were amazing.  The thing that hit me most was how much fun those kids were having being there.  I don’t you could have convinced many that they would have LOVED it, but you could tell that night they were having a blast.  Matt Hayden did a great job coming up with a dance that they all could love, do great and not be self conscious.  They had painted their face and arms neon colors and then they did their dance with a black light.  It was great.  Faces and arms moving was what you saw.  No one stood out from anyone else and everyone looked great.  Jen Olson (Becky’s piano teacher) was in charge of it all and did a wonderful job.

5.  Brett loved the band that played at the dance festival.  One of our home teachers was on the base guitar and Brett has found his “new” love.  He has an older toy guitar, but now wants a better one.  Needless to say the job of emptying the dishwasher is being done on a quite frequent basis in our home.  Brett is up to $6 earned.  Based on the price of a beginner guitar from Amazon, it looks like it he might have it by mid April.

6.  Friday night I woke up in the middle of the night and was so excited it took me 2 hours to fall back asleep.  I had come up with a new idea and couldn’t stop planning/thinking about it.  That hasn’t happened since Owen would come to be and tell me about a new baby possibility and then fall promptly asleep.  Me, I’d be up for hours planning for a new baby (obviously it has been more than 10 years since that has happened).  So you want to know what my idea was?  I realized that there are many friends who work or have little kids on Tuesday.  Also, I’d love to do some of the adventures with Owen also.  So Adventure Tuesday – Weekend Edition has been created.  Check out our plans on the link below.  Sign up it you want!


7.  Friday Brett got out of school early (last day of the marking period) so we had lots of fun.  Their school is having a food drive this week.  Brett brought home a list of 5 things he wanted to bring in.  He showed me the list and then wanted me to put it on my phone so we wouldn’t forget.  Loved his list.  Honey (boy does he love honey on his rolls), nesquick chocolate milk powder (another shocker from him – boy does he love his chocolate mile), chocolate chip cookies, pancake mix and baby rice cereal (not really sure where that came from but a good one).  Loved going to the store to pick it out with him.

8.  This week is Lindsay’s final in school.  The quarter has gone by quickly.

9.  Look we had blue skies for at least a moment this past week.

10.  Loved this quote/picture from a monday  morning fitness newsletter I get.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Marsha says:

    All of it is wonderful. I love how you see the JOY in every day events.

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