Adventure Tuesday – Washington Fencing Acadamy

I have always wanted to fence.  It looks like such a cool sport.  We were lucky to be able to have a top quality facility right here in good old Issaquah Washington.

When we arrived I was impressed once again to see how much talent we have here currently in Washington state.  The official photographer for fencing (in the world – he photographs all the Olympic’s etc) is one of the co-founders and was there yesterday morning.  Our teacher turns out to be a national level referee for wheelchair fencing – yes, Brett is going to get a chance to go and fence during our April break.  Not sure who is more excited – him or me.

Fencing has lots of different parts which you have to learn.  First you learn the foot work.  On guard stance, advance, retreat, double advance, double retreat, cross over forward and cross over backwards were the ones we learned yesterday.  Then you learn to lunge with three different recovery steps.

Our instructor had us play a few different games which involved foam sticks and running around hitting each other.  Amazing to me was everyone was very competitive and all had smiles on their faces.  After those games they had sold a number of the mom’s on a birthday party for their 8-10 year old sons.

Then we got to get dressed out – Do we look like we know what we are doing or what – pictures of our group was actually taken by the official Olympic Fencing photographer – Serge.

Lastly we were able to do just a little bit of fencing.

Lots more to learn, but a great time with once again AMAZING women.

Looking forward to going back with Brett and Becky in April.   If my evening were ever free – I’d like to take more classes.

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