Ten on Tuesday

1.  Wednesday was the Science Fair.  Becky and her friend did a wonderful job.  They had lots of fun and spent a lot of time getting the presentation board just right!

It was worth the frozen yogurt afterwards!

2.  Thursday night there was a baby shower for a good friend.  She has 3 boys and is having a girl.  I have to show you the cutest shower gifts ever!!!  Love them check them out here.   http://www.etsy.com/shop/KalosCandy?ref=seller_info

These are socks created to look like cup cakes!  I promise both of these are even cutter in person than in picture.

3.  Remember last week I said that Brett was saving for a guitar.  Well I published too early when I said it would only take him a couple of months.  I was VERY mistaken about the type of guitar he wants.  He is NOT interest in an acoustical guitar.  He wants an electric on with the foot pedal and amp.  He has his heart set of this.  Lets say it will take most of the summer to get this.

4.  Derek brought his brother’s guitar over on Thursday afternoon.  Brett was in heaven and spent 2 hours playing the guitar (I guess the color didn’t matter when he borrowed one – but RED is the color he wants for himself).

5.  Mowing the lawn was Brett’s favorite job to do on Saturday.  He mowed and I cut down limbs of trees/shrubs which just never recovered from the ice storm in January.

6.  We have been cookin the past few days around here getting ready for this week’s Five on Friday.

All I can say is we have been pounding.

We have been mixin

and it sure tasted good.  Check back on Friday to see what is Cookin!

7.  Spring is coming!   Check out all the signs of spring here.

8.  Read about this on a blog and it has made life SOOO much easier this week.  I have a child who can never find socks as we are trying to dash out the door.  A women on her blog talked about her new laundry room which has a drawer for socks.  Since we usually leave from the front door.  I put a basket in the bench and filled it with her socks!  So easy and why didn’t I think of this years ago.

9.  Brett was letting me take his photo on Sunday – so I couldn’t help but snap away.  Sure love him.  He is getting really tall.  Almost as tall as me when he stands all the way up.  Some of the photo’s I could of touched up and gotten rid of some things – but this time I wanted to remember the Brett I see every day.  His imperfections don’t bother me at all – they make the pictures so much more Brett to me.

10.  Last night we went to one of Becky’s friends softball games.  It has been years since we would go and cheer on Lindsay.  Lots of fun to cheer on the girls as they played a great game.

It is amazing to me how much more I used my camera this week.  Thanks for the push Becky C!

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