Ten on Tuesday

1.  Owen got home from his Australia/New Zealand trip.  Love having him home – even if it is just for a moment.  This next month we are happy with what we get.

2.  Loved Conference weekend.  Favorite talks Holland and Uchdorf.  Loved how they were just what I needed to hear.  Now I am much more aware of how much I am judging others it seems.

3.  Enjoyed an old tradition from our east coast days.   Conference on the East coast doesn’t start til noon – so we had great friends who introduced us to – Conference Brunch with friends.  Living on the west coast makes for a very early Breakfast (8:15).  Had lots of fun with the Richins and glad they were willing to be up that early for some Breakfast. And if the pancakes and syrup wasn’t enough sugar – we had Conference Jelly Belly’s.

4.  Sunday night became retro game night it seemed.  We got some oldy but good games/toys and had lots of fun.

5.  Rush Hour is a visual puzzle game with 40 different levels.  Lindsay and Owen have always been the champs in our house.  I am not sure if Becky has done it before, but man does she have the visual skills.  She got though the cards without a problem.

I even tried and had a yeah me moment when I was able to do all the cards (never done that before).  Owen gave me a clue – figure it out backwards – know what you need to move out of the way then work on that.

6.  Slot car racing was back and better than ever.  Brett’s gift from a number of Christmas ago, he still has the skills.

This year was made even better with some super creative ramps and turns.

7.  Our favorite backyard squirrel was out and about and posing on Sunday.  The birds told him that they were featured last week so he was feeling left out.  Plus I’m sure Brock is wondering if he is really still around.

8.  Becky had her last Soccer clinic last Friday night.  Love how much she is learning and having fun with her friends.

9.  The 8 and 9 year old girls had a fashion show at church last Friday night.  Brett elected to stay home with Owen, so Becky and I went.  It was so funny to watch how some of the girls have some serious moves!  Watch out world.

10.  Saturday Owen got to go to the District 5 Delegate Causes and watch how politics works in Washington.  Great learning experience for sure.

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