Ten on Tuesday

1. Loved having my cousins, Melissa, Emily and Eric over for dinner on Thursday. Crazy it has taken so long to get together. It was great to have Melissa in town. 3 hours later, we figured we’d better wrap up the conversation and put the kids to bed.

2. Brett is a trooper. He has been waiting since his birthday in December to get the new Star Wars game for Xbox kinect. It finally arrived on Tuesday – only to have been broken prior to delivery. We were able to get Amazon to send us another copy (so nice and convenient to return something – never have had to before, but no fears now – super easy), but we had to wait until Thursday. Needless to say on Thursday Brett played it for a long time – proving how strong his legs are becoming.

3. Saturday morning it was our turn to clean the church. We enjoyed getting a chance to give back and then on the way home took a detour to our favorite Cafe (Sammamish Cafe) to get a well deserved breakfast. Strawberry Shortcake French Toast was amazing! Highly recommend what everyone got in fact.

4. When we got home from breakfast/brunch, Becky got right to work hiding all the easter eggs that she and her friend Kyle had filled on Wednesday. They did a great job arranging, hiding, and putting on a wonderful Easter egg hunt for the kids in the neighborhood.

Originally, they weren’t going to do the hunt themselves, until about 4 minutes in they couldn’t stand not doing it. Love her.

5. Becky cut her hair and we LOVE it. Amazing how much hair she has and how thick and beautiful it is.

6. We had 2 other good friends over to Easter dinner. Surly enjoyed the time with them and that all our kids are growing up and it isn’t quite as crazy as in past years with lots of little kids.

7. Well it is almost leaf day. Some of the early trees are blooming and I love it – allergies not so much, but the beauty is always amazing.

8. This has been the go-to tool the last few days.

Loved that the weather was so nice that we spent TONS of time outside the last two days. Brett even got a sun burn on Monday because I didn’t even think – it just never is so sunny and we loved soaking up the sun.

Brett has been cruising on the scooter and when the battery runs out he heads over to the bike. He rode for an hour and a half this afternoon (hoping he isn’t too saddle sore tomorrow). Thinking this bike is getting a bit small for him.

9. Becky has been dreaming for a half a year to go to Portland and go to Voodoo doughnuts. Well 1/2 her dream came true when her good friend who had just visited Portland with her family brought a pink box filled with three to die for donuts. Only one made it around long enough for me to get the camera.

10. Becky and 3 of her good friends played kickball. They were great and it was fun to cheer them on. Still can’t figure out why Ugg boots are the shoe of choice for kickball. Seems crazy to me or maybe I’m just a wee bit too competitive.


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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    Annmarie wears her Ugg’s Lindsay sent her all the time. I have no clue why! Donuts sound so good right now!

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