Ten on Tuesday

1.  Can’t believe that Lindsay has headed to Iowa.  She is helping Karen and her 5 kids while Karen’s husband works full-time and attend Law School at night this summer.  Hard to belive I won’t see her for 3 months.  Can’t wait to see her in July and love to chat with her each day.

2.  I am no longer working my one day a week job for a Tax Accountant.  I LOVE having Thursday to myself.  Love not having something everyday.  Still work M-W-F, but love having Thursday all to me.

3.  Friday night was Becky’s Piano Recital.  She was amazing.  This was the first one which she didn’t need the books.  Her last two, she knew the songs, but wanted the books there just in case.  This time – books left at the house.  Love to see how much she has improved in the two years she has taken.  She know lots more in almost every area than I did after 5 years of taking.

4.  Saturday morning we worked on jobs. It has been a while since I’ve gotten them up on the board.  Brett is an amazing vacuumer and Becky is a hard worker.

5.  While Becky was at a birthday party, Brett and I worked in the back yard.  Brett tried and tried and tried to start the lawnmower.  He just can’t  pull fast enough.  Each time I would do it for him (after he had tried for 10-15 times) he would ask how I did it.  I was pruning bushes and would put the leaves on the ground and he would run as fast as he could with the lawn mower and mow them up.  He would mow everyday if I let him.

6.  Friday through Monday was Blue Sky’s and Sunshine.  It felt great to be out in it.  Love that I have all colors of flowers coming up in the front (after many years of trying).

7.  Started running at 5am again this past week (finally light enough at that time).  Let me tell you why I love 5 am as opposed to 7 am.  Very few cars vs. everyone taking kids to school and going to work.  With no cars you can hear the birds singing, frogs croaking and bugs making their noises.  Have loved listening as everything wakes up.  Love it!!!

8.  Flat Stanley came to visit us from Georgia.  He has loved the sun and the flowers.  Even was able to be the coxwain and a rower today.

9.  I love that the brown trees finally have their leaves.  I love looking out and see all colors of green on the trees everywhere.  I live in the best place ever.

10.  Yesterday Brett wanted to practice to get ready for Baseball season which starts this Saturday.  He and Becky were amazing and they had lots of fun playing with all the neighbors.  Loved that Brett tried and tried till he could hit a pitch and then ran the bases on his own.  Hoping on Saturday he will run the bases without his walker.

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4 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    When do we get to see video of Becky playing all of me ?

  2. Barb says:

    We were so excited to hear that Lindsay is in Iowa – our neighboring state! In fact, we do all our shopping in Iowa. What city is she in? Maybe we will get a chance to hook up sometime during her 3 months here – she can’t be more than about 2-3 hours away (I’m guessing either Des Moines or Iowa City.) Let us know her contact info when you get a chance and if we are ever in her area, we’ll drop by and say “hi”. Love, Cluffs

  3. Kindy says:

    Love the colors from your flowers! I also fully agree with you about 5am running. Sounds like you had a great week!

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