Adventure Tuesday – Rowing on Lake Sammamish

We had a wonderful time rowing on Lake Sammamish on Tuesday.  We were able to take a Row for a Day Class at Sammamish Rowing Association (SRA).  While the weather wasn’t beautiful blue sky’s and 65, we didn’t get rained on.

I was totally impressed with all that SRA did so that we could learn to row.  There were 10 women in our group and they had 2 instructors and 8 volunteers.


We got to walk through the boat how and see the different size and types of boats.  They had single all the way up to 8 person boats.  Amazing how light they are and the oars are so tall.  It was amazing that when they were standing up the seemed too long, but once in the boat it seem perfectly normal.

We learned the basic moves on a machine and then tried it out while being held onto the side of the dock.

After we had mastered the training they put us into 8 person boats.  We had 3 experienced rowers in each boat plus a coxwain.  Then there was the safety boat with 2 instructors there.

It was lots of fun.   It would take me a couple of strokes to get in the grove.  Then all I had to do was to watch the person in seat 8 (I was seat 5) and do what they were doing.  I found that if I looked at my oar, I messed up a lot.  If I keep my eyes on seat 8 (who was rowing on the opposite side of the boat from me) then I was able to follow quite well.  That or I just assumed I looked just like seat 8 (an experienced rower) was doing and there for felt like a pro.  We were able to work up to 6 rowing at a time and 2 with “training wheels” on (notice the last two are have their paddles on the water flat and aren’t paddleing).

Would love to find the time to take some more classes this summer.  Nice to know that my running was very helpful since I am not sore today!  Yeah.

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2 Responses to Adventure Tuesday – Rowing on Lake Sammamish

  1. Kindy says:

    Glad you aren’t so! So it is a little different than rowing machines?

  2. Kris says:

    It is much better – Not boring at all. you are on the water – not that you are looking around alot when you are rowing. Mostly I’m looking that the paddle of the rower in front. I was fun to be with other people and everyone working together in unison. We were on the water for an hour and a half it time flew by.

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