Ten on Tuesday

1.  Met with my Ragnar Relay team that I have run with for 6 years this week.  It is a great group of friends and I love how we can all get together a couple of times a year and enjoy each others company.  I guess that is what spending 24 hours with each other will do.

2.  One of my favorite things is to eat lunch with friends or Owen.  I was able to on Thursday and Friday.  I love getting to know amazing women and enjoy the fun date with Owen.

3. I bought Chicken from Zaycon Foods again and had a me only marinade party.  I also split the box and it seemed to go so fast.  We also split an order of bacon.  Man is that good bacon.  Least amount of grease that I’ve ever seen.  15 pounds is a lot of bacon.   Come on over and we’ll make some for you.

4.  Owen came home on Thursday night after have a week and a half trip.  SO excited that he is home til the 20th.  Love having him around.

5.  Friday night was the Ward talent show.  Owen and a good friend preformed an amazing edition of the Blues Brothers lip singing Soul Man.

Video to be posted soon.

Someone had heard enough bad jokes from the MC (Don C.) so she went up and gave him a few of her good ones to include in his collection.  Amazing how all the other 4th graders knew the answers to her jokes.  I love how you can tell and age by the jokes they tell.

6.  Brett had his first baseball game of the season.  He had been practicing and was so excited.  A bit disappointed that he didn’t have cleats, but still left with Owen with a huge smile on his face.  Brett was incredible.  He hit a pitch, ran the bases and fielded without the use of his walker.  I’ll be there next week and will be taking pictures.

Video will be posted in a few days of this also.

7.  Loved my date night with Owen on Saturday night.  Perfect way to end an incredible day.

8.  Under much duress and complaining, I gave Brett’s communication device to his teacher at church to use in his class.  He told me he didn’t use it, but his teacher said he was great. The other kids loved it and he was really proud of it.  We’ll continue to take to church in hopes he will use it more and more outside of school and therapy.

9.  We are in the home stretch for the Red Guitar.  Only $7 more dollars are needed until Brett get to go on a shopping trip.  To say his happy is an understatement.

10.  Loved this quote from Ragnar Relays yesterday.

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