Adventure Tuesday – Tiger Mountain West #3 Trail

Last week there was an email that was sent out to the varsity scouts which talked about plans to hike Mt. Rainer this July.  That is one of my bucket list items.  I emailed the organizer – a good friend who has hiked it 15 times and takes groups up often, to see if it was a guys only trip.  It wasn’t, but seeing as it is a week before Ragnar and I’m not in Olympic quality shape I figured I’d need to pass this year, but put my name on next years list.

I have heard friend’s husbands talking for years about training for hikes.  We are lucky to have some great hikes near by.  I have hike the Tiger Mountain West #3 Trail many times before.  There are a couple of harder hikes (Cable – which is closed) and Nook on Tiger Mtn.  I figured if I needed to start training carrying a heavier backpack I should start with a hike I knew I could do and see what the difference if any some weight would do.  Many hikers train by carrying up water and then dumping it out at the top.  I filled up two 2 quart water containers and put them in my trusty (okay Owen’s) large size Camelback.  I thought it was pretty heavy (knowing that 40 lbs is a target weight).  I was surprised when it only weighed 15 pounds on the scale.

I headed out with Tamie expecting a good hike up to Tiger Mtn.  This trail is 2.7 miles according to my GPS (signs say it is 3.0 miles) and an elevation gain of 1986 feet.   I was surprised how much harder it was this time than in the past.  Not sure if it is that I’m more out of shape or that the water really made it that much harder.  I didn’t drink enough while hiking so I need to better next time on that.  Also for some crazy reason I wore the basic champion socks that didn’t come up over the edge of my shoe.  Dumb idea – fashion should never override function when hiking.  Needless to say my shoes now have a blood badge.  Hopefully over the next year I hope I don’t repeat that mistake.  I don’t mind new mistakes, but repeating old ones drive me crazy.

I was so glad arrive at the top so that I could dump out the water.  Hoping that within a couple of months I can be hiking the Nook trail with weight.

Loved spending time with an amazing friend and catching up on life.

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