ROADTRIP: Beaches along the way May 5, 2012

One of the unplanned but most memorable parts of this trip were all the beaches which we ended up stopping and enjoying.  I think one of the reasons this trip was so fun, besides being with my kids and hubby was that we went where we wanted and stopped if we felt like it.  There were no times we had to be anywhere by.  It allowed us freedom to go stop and stay as long as we wanted.

As we were eating breakfast and trying to decide what route to Astoria we wanted to go we choose to go via Seaside, OR.

I have been to Seaside twice before.  Both times were at the end of Hood to Coast running relay.  My memories are of thousands of runners all over and being very tired and sore.  See these stairs coming down.

When we arrived this morning, I kept looking for the HUGE  never ending flight of stairs that I had to walk down and up after the race.  It took a few minutes to realize that these were the stairs and that they were not as big as I had remembered.  Funny how really sore muscles and lack of sleep can cause you to remember things differently.

I love beaches.  They as so fun.  Oregon and Washington beaches are not sun bathing beaches.  In the summer time you will often see people with jackets on.  I love the beach no matter.

We had lots of fun swinging on swings,

climbing on logs,

watching people fish in the ocean and a couple of crazy teenagers swim.

Brett did not want to get sand on his feet for he kept a lookout out for us on dry ground

and visited the sharks with Owen.

Seaside sports being the end of the Lewis and Clark Trail.  Funny since so do a number of other places in WA and OR.

After leaving Seaside, we headed to Astoria.   I love the Astoria Bridge.

Love the architecture.

Love how long it is.

Just wouldn’t want to be on the top part during an earthquake.  I don’t have many fears, but being on a tall bridge in a car with my kids during an earthquake is one of them.  Thank goodness, the chances of me being in that situation is quite slim so I only think about it a few times a year if that.

They were doing construction on the north side of the bridge and we were stopped for a few minutes and loved the rope tied onto the bridge so I took some pictures.  Actually tried to “work” the shot.

We loved spending time in Cape Disappointment State Park.  The first part we came to was Beard’s Hollow.  It looks out to the west.  The shoreline is beautiful and they had pictures of what the place looked like in the 1930’s.  The trees are taking over!

Looking towards the north.

Looking towards the south.

I wished that I had on my zoom lens when this eagle flew overhead.

Once again Becky loved finding some wood to climb on.

We then drove to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.  Outside you have a great view of the lighthouse.

There is also a huge smell and it comes from a huge rock which is the home to hundreds of nesting Cormorant birds.

Inside the center there was lots to do.  The kids loved all the hands on activities.  Brett LOVED to look out into the ocean with the binoculars.  Never knew that was something he loved, but he spent lots of time there and at the gun stations.

I loved the glass floats and to walk through all the displays about Lewis and Clark.  What an adventure they had.

As we were leaving the center I saw a trail leading up to a bluff and so I headed up there to take some pictures.  I discovered that we could drive to the end of the jetty beach, so we now had another beach to go and visit.  It was nice to use our WA State Discovery Pass a couple of different times today.

I love sand dunes just prior to a beach.

For as much as I love them.  Brett doesn’t.  He was a good sport while we tried to get a family picture.  These are using a rock and coat as my tripod/self timer.

We then found a kind man to take some so that we had a background and not just sky.

Owen and kids along with their walking sticks headed back to the car while I snapped away. Owen was more than happy to let me take as long as I wanted, Brett was happy to wait in the car with the ipad and Becky loved walking around on trees and to find sticks.

Another beach closer to the coast was perfect for Becky.  Drift wood galore.

I could only imagine the amazing waves crashing during a huge storm against the rocks.  As cool as that would have been it was a beautiful day to be at the beach.  Just as ask the surfers that were out that day trying to find a way to ride in.  I would love to come back and camp here because the coast line at sunset must be incredible to photograph.

We were not far from Long Beach, WA so we wanted to stop by so that we could drive on the beach once again.  It had been almost 5 years since we visited for Owen’s birthday.

On our way up we turned off the main road and drove along the side streets.  I love beach towns – you can do anything you want with your home.  Front yard decorations are unique.

House colors are whatever you want.

I told Owen that the next house with a buoy or a boat in the yard I wanted a picture.  Half a block later we saw this.

To say it was more than I had hoped for was an understatement.

Long Beach WA

We had so much fun.  Brett was happy to stay in the car and we loved getting out.  Although we did miss the Suburban for its 4 wheel drive, we did enjoy being able to drive on the beach and feeling like we had the whole beach to ourselves.

Fun with the sticks in the sand.

Those shelters were new.  They had picnic tables inside them so you could try to get wind free lunch/dinner.

We said good-bye to the beach for now and decided we needed to head home.  As we were driving down a side road we had to stop so I could get a picture of this!  Brett LOVED it!

What a perfect end to and amazingly perfect few days.

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    The family picture is so nice! The mystery machine is perfect as the summary photo.

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