ROADTRIP: Pictures from a Moving Car May 4-5, 2012

I fell in love with going the LONG way around on this trip, if it includes scenic by-ways.  Time passed so quickly as I watched for fun things to take pictures of.

In my photography class my teacher would talk about working a scene.  How you find the right angle, wait for objects/people to move/etc.  I love taking picture in a moving car.  No one can do all that work.  You just have to be quick and then delete a lot of pictures which don’t work (not all that different from working a shot).  Just think you have a little more adrenaline pumping knowing you only get one shot at most pictures.  Owen often offered to pull over so I could get a shot, but I liked trying to see what I could get on the fly.

Loved the homes

The mountains

The lumber industry:

The rain on the window:

Christmas Tree farms:

Tullip fields:

Cows in the fields:

Amazing Mountain Lakes:

Incredible sky after the rain:

All that plus tons more we would have missed just to get to Portland 30 minutes quicker.  Loved the long way around.

I-5 provided us with trains:

Once we were into Portland there was lots of fun memories and stories which we made up in the car to go along with the scenes we say.  What would your story be about these next few pictures?

When we were driving to Seaside I saw this sign and thought how often do you see that in the US?

 Not mention a car that has actually stopped for the water or so our story in the car when.

Brett wanted in the fun of taking pictures while driving.

This was my favorite of his pictures –

We drove through lots of tunnels where we would hold our breath.  Why do you exhale really loud when you get to the end of the tunnel?

It was funny on the way home from Long Beach, I had driven that road a few years earlier so the excitement of what was around the next bend wasn’t as great – that or I was tired of driving – nah couldn’t be that.

Here a few of my favorite shots of the drive home.

This last picture has lots of memories associated with it since Jeff and I did a triathlon where we rode past these dormant nuclear power plants.

Found a new way to pass the time in the car!  Looking forward to new adventures to come!

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2 Responses to ROADTRIP: Pictures from a Moving Car May 4-5, 2012

  1. Lagos says:

    I have been put to shame by the way you handle your blog. I can’t believe you posted 2 major posts in a matter of hours!

  2. karenscott24 says:

    Love love love the tulips!! Thanks for taking us with you with your awesome photos

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