Ten on Tuesday

1.  The past week has been so fun I can’t believe how much we have done and all the fun we have had.  Best week this year so far.

2.  Brett, Becky and I headed to the first of two softball games this week.  Love being there to cheer on Becky’s friends.

3.  Hiked Tiger Mtn with Owen.  I am a crazy lady and doubled the water I was carrying on Tuesday, but wore a backpack rather than a camelback this time.  Turns out for each 10 lbs or so of water I carry my times slows by 2-3 minutes.  I was so happy to get to the top to dump it all out.

4.  Loved spending time in Portland and the beaches.  I did huge write-up in case you haven’t seen them.  The 4 previous blogs were about the trip.

5.  We loved eating dinner with good friend on Sunday OUTSIDE and loved soaking up the sun while we enjoyed talking with each other.

6.  Brett is in love with Basketball now.  He can make shots easily on the lower basket, but today made a shot on the full height rim.

7.  Hansen has stared to hang out with Brett since Derek left.  Brett love having him a round and we love it too.

8.  Lindsay’s car finally got back from the shop on Thursday!

9.  I was rear ended on Sunday afternoon.  Little damage and I’m okay.  Thought it was funny though that we had just gotten the Jetta back.

10.  Next Monday – Wednesday I get to go and kayak in the San Juan Islands.  Dream coming true.  Can’t wait to spend time with my mom and great friends.  Pictures to follow next week, I’m sure.

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