Adventure Tuesday – Archery

We had a great time at Next Step Archery in Mountlake Terrace.

Coach John was great and lots of fun.  I haven’t shot Archery since high school/girls camp I believe.

It was amazing to watch the sharp shooters we hand in the bunch.

We learned how to shoot.  Once I could remember that it was the left eye that I was suppose to close, my shots started lining up much more cluster like.

We played a bunch of different games.  We played 21.  Each color was worth a certain amt of points (Yellow was 5 down to white which was 1) and you had to shoot all 6 of your arrows.  I was lucky enough for my final arrow that time that I needed zero.  Trust me, I have no problem not hitting the target at all.  I actually got 21 the 2nd time.    We also had to try to hit balloons (1 for 4 there).

We then had a game where we were in teams.  The archer closed their eyes and their partner had to direct/aim the archer.  Amazing how much better you do when you can see where you are trying the arrow – ie. you are on a step stool to see over their arm.

We ended up trying to hit moving targets of a balloons.  Some that couldn’t hit the bulls eye were dead on when aiming for a moving balloon target.  I finally hit a balloon on the last round of arrows.

We had lots of fun and really enjoyed the morning at Next Step Archery.  Another fun sport and potential of an amazing date night with Owen.

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