Ten on Tuesday – a bit early

1.  Amazing kids live in our home and live away from our home also.  I am so honored to be their Mom.  I have the coolest kids ever!  I am slightly bias though.

2.  Brett loves to mow the yard.  He love to build up energy and grunts loudly as he tried to get up to a run.

3. Friday night Becky and I went to a Mom Daughter party for Acvivity Days.  It was fun to watch all the girls and how they are love to be with each other.  It was also amazing to see how much the mom’s just loved to sit and chat.  We need to make time to sit and chat more often I believe.

4.  Brett had baseball Saturday morning.  (Still working on getting the video from two weeks ago up).  Loved to watch Brett in his element of baseball.


Couple of weeks ago when our neighbor helped Brett by telling him to have his elbow back, it is amazing to see how well he can hit when he does that.

5.  Brett has loved the sunshine this past week. Hansen and Brett have been playing outside most afternoons.  Friday it consisted of playing basketball at the Ards (he puts two chocolate milk bottles in his pockets so he can have something to drink when he gets there) for an hour, water gun battles for an hour and rode bikes for an hours.  that has been most every afternoon this week.  Needless to say he is tired and sleeps every week each afternoon.

6.  Laura Bull got married and we went to the reception Sat night.  She is the first of Brock’s friends (a year older but good friend) to get married.  Hit me that our kids are getting to that age now.  How can we possible be old enough for that.  Old maybe, but mature not really.

7.  I got to hold a 3 month old today at church.  It has been along time and it was so fun.  Still have the touch and can get a baby to sleep just like old times.

8.  My mom is coming tonight to head out tomorrow to kayaking tomorrow with me!  Can’t wait.

9.  Brett has earned his money to buy the guitar.  He is excited to say the least.  Not sure when we are going to get it, but sorry neighbors in advance.

10.  Love the flowers from Lindsay.  Sure miss her and looking forward to talking with Brock tonight.

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