Ten on Tuesday

1.  What an amazing last week I had.  I thought as I sat in church on Sunday, I don’t think I’ve played that much in a week ever.  It was great, but now to get back to the basic life.

2.  I learned a lot about my  Mom this past week.  Especially what food she eats.  First off, I want you to know that I was the 2nd of 9 kids.  We at lots and lots of casseroles when I was home.  I have lived away from her for many,many years and when we get together it is often with the whole family so not many speciality foods come out.  That said – this is mostly for my siblings – Mom likes Salmon and fish, red bell peppers, sprouts and cold slaw.  It seemed like at most meals on the kayaking trip there was some food that I would say “You like that?”  The other women thought it was so funny that I didn’t know what my Mom liked to cook.

3.  Nothing is better than coming home to kids who have been well taken care of by an amazing husband.  Owen doesn’t play Mr. Mom very often, but he did a great job!

4.  Love having my mom hang out with us fora few extra days after the trip.  It is fun to see find surprises of how she helped me out by cleaning or other things around the house.  Sure love her.

5.  Brett had another baseball game on Saturday.  Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Hansen came because Owen and I took off for the Challenge Nation race from the game.  Loved to watch their interaction.

Oh how Brett adores Hansen.

6.  The x-box broke, but Brett was happy to take some time to play the Wii the past few days.

7.  Becky is working hard on her project about Honduras in her class.  Who knew that the whole country is basically mountains, but it is really hard to find a name of the mountain ranges.

8.  Brett is using his ACC device more and more.  He is taking it his church class on Sundays.  Yesterday for his speech therapist he said  “Sad Dad Airplane”.  He has never expressed an emotion in conjunction with a sentence without the prompting of a picture.

9.  Dreams are almost coming true.  The Red Electric Guitar was ordered on Saturday.  Brett is counting down the days until the box arrives on the front porch.

10.  I have been reminded that I have amazing sisters, brothers and friends.  I am truly blessed and love my life.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    I love that we are all really clueless as to what mom really likes to eat 🙂

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