Day Trip – Kitsap County

It was 9:45 on Saturday morning.  The sun was shinning and the weather was amazing.  Besides a very short 10 o’clock appointment, we didn’t have anything planned.  Owen was in New Zealand and I was not looking forward to cleaning/yard work at home with not much happening.

I asked Brett and Becky if they wanted to go on a ferry ride and our day changed for the better!   Becky’s only request was for a friend to come along.  Not a problem.  I’d much rather be out with my kids + a friend than be home while they are off playing with their friends.

We left at 11 am and made a quick stop at the store for a drink and a treat.  Then we headed to Seattle to catch the Bremerton Ferry.  I love this ferry ride because it is long (one hour) and so beautiful.  Traffic was crazy around the ferry terminal, but we were able to literally drive on to the ferry.  I think there were 6 cars that came on after us.

We went outside to take standard Seattle in the background pictures with the kids.  Looking at these pictures how could I have wasted the day inside cleaning the house.  Loved the Olympic Mtns to the west rising up into the sky.

Then we sat down at our table and ate our snacks and drank our drinks.  We called Jeff and Heather for a great lunch/dinner recommendation seeing as in times past when we took this ferry we usually met them somewhere to eat –  sure miss them living here.  Becky and her friend then studied for an up coming test.

Brett’s favorite part of the ferry ride was the race car game.

It took us a while to find it, but he did great.  There had actually been the call to go to your cars and Brett kept hitting check points and his time was extended.  Finally we had to go back to the cars and let his game end.

We headed towards Poulsbo, WA since we weren’t too hungry after our snack and drink on the ferry ride.  As we drove I saw a sign to the Undersea Naval Museum.  I had seen something on the web about how this was part of a Naval day trip (we had done the other parts (tour a decommissioned destroyer) previously so didn’t think too much about it then).  I asked the back seat (Becky and friend) and they were game.  Turns out it is a GREAT museum all about submarines even better it is FREE.

Would love to back sans kids with Owen so I could actually read all the displays/information.

They had lots of things to look at…

Comparing the Trident Submarine with The Space Needle

Lots of different types of helmets..

Got to see my first water mine – glad I encountered it here rather than in the open water.

Torpedo Tubes

And do…

They had experiments which helped to teach how fish/submarines use water/air to make them float or sink.

Look through a periscope outside in the parking lot..

And what do you see when you look through?

Our car – totally cool (loved that I could take a picture through the periscope to show you)

They had diver’s gloves and a nut and bolt to show you how it is harder to do things underwater with the gloves on.

Sub command to pretend you are driving (if that is what you call it) a sub.

This was only a small part of all we saw and did.  Highly recommend a stop at this museum if you are in the area.  We spent a little over an hour here and loved it.

When we finished at the museum we headed to Poulsbo since we were now hungry.  Just before the main waterfront area we saw a Crepe Restaurant.  Becky LOVES crepe’s at home so we all wanted to go there for our meal.  It is called Crepe Nuvo.

They had savory and sweet crepes.  They were wonderful.  They are the buckwheat crepe’s like we had in Europe.  Becky prefers the more american version with white flour and still prefers the sweet to the savory.  The crepe’s were large enough that you could easily spilt the savory with another person, esp if you wanted to save room for your sweet one that was coming.

It was a cute little place to enjoy the beautiful weather with an amazing view of the harbor.

We went looking in a couple of the shops on town – but shopping with kids isn’t the same so soon we headed back to the car.  We took the Bainbridge Ferry back to Seattle (only a 30 minute ride) and headed home.

We got to see the new ferris wheel taking shape from a different angle coming into the dock on the ferry.

We got home around 7pm and loved it.  So much fun and so happy to get out and do something.

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2 Responses to Day Trip – Kitsap County

  1. Kindy says:

    Looks like you are ansy to travel a little. How fun to see something great in a short time.

  2. Marsha says:

    Wonderful! We love how you take the children and go and “explore”. Thanks for sharing with us!

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