Ten on Tuesday

1.  Not sure if I ever posted back in Nov that I had taken a one day a week job working for a tax accountant.  I worked that job til tax seasons was over and then quit because more time away from my home/family than I liked.  Funny how I had about a month of Thursday – loved them to myself.  My ad job had an employee leave last Monday so my hours there are starting to creep up.  I don’t expect to be there on every Thursday, but it has been interesting to learn more about the buying process of media.  I am amazed at how cheap a TV advertisement really is.

2.  Brett’s day he has been waiting for a long long time came on Thursday as he got off the bus.

The box was at the door…

Inside the box was his DREAM!!!!!

Loves it, loves it.

3.  Friday night after Owen left for New Zealand the unthinkable happened.  One of Brett’s guitar strings broke.  Thank goodness for amazing Home Teacher’s.  Bro. Carl came to the rescue and the guitar has a new string, but more importantly, I know how to restring the guitar which I am sure will happen many more times.

4.  FHE this week was a huge turning point for Brett.  He hates when we sing songs.  Is usually protesting the whole time.  Last night – no more protests.  What to know why?  He now accompanies us on his guitar.  He knows all the songs and more than happy to play along for us.  Now at least my off-key singing doesn’t sound as bad, now that there is an accompaniment to cover it up.

5.  Brett is awaiting the wonderful day this week when the amp shows up in a box.  Me – I like the sounds an electric guitar makes without an amp.

6.  Pillow fights have been happening a lot lately in my room.  Here are shots of Becky and Brett.  Somehow Becky seems to get the good position on top of the bed

and Brett and I hid under a shield of pillow down below.

7.  Yesterday Brett and Becky got to be guinea pigs.  Brett’s favorite Physical Therapist is working on his Phd and is doing a study about kids with CP.  He needed a kids with CP and kids without CP for his research.  They both did great. It was amazing to see how much Brett’s CP really affects so many parts of his body.  Never looked at number about what Becky can do vs him before.  They both were so excited when they got PAID to help out.  Dreams are sure hatching in their heads with their money.  I keep reminding Brett that he will need the money to buy more guitar strings.

8.  My great dreams of an amazing vacation in Oct/Nov have ended with reality that Owen works for a company who needs him to be places when I want to be out exploring.   We’ll just have to keep looking for the right one – for us and for his job.

9.  Since I’m not going to be globe hoping with Owen in Oct/Nov looks like I’ll get to be running with Kindy – not a bad option at all.

10.  Looking forwards to hanging out with my brother Greg this week as he heads into town for an interview with Amazon (I love Amazon).  We’d love for them to get the job and move this direction.

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