Adventure Tuesdsay – Kayaking in South Lake Union, Seattle WA

We had a beautiful day to go kayaking.  It wasn’t completely blue skies, but it was calm water, not many boats out on the water and amazing friends.  One of my favorite parts of these adventures is building my friendship with amazing women.

We headed to Northwest Outdoor Center (NWOC).  They were great and had everything we needed for a great kayaking trip.  They have single, double and triple kayak’s (I am thinking that Brett and Becky and I will need to do this sometime this summer).

We put on our skirts and headed out onto the lake.

It is something amazing to pass so many incredible boats all around the lake.  We saw lots of house boats;

saw a number of planes taking off/landing on the water;

Kayaked past fun stores;

Went down towards the ship canal bridge and Fremont Bridge.

As we were heading back under a large yacht a way back honked at us we thought.  It was a few minutes later we realized that they were asking the bridge to open.  Great to watch the Bridge open and close.

All in all it was another amazing day on the water – not that I can remember many days that aren’t.

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1 Response to Adventure Tuesdsay – Kayaking in South Lake Union, Seattle WA

  1. karenscott24 says:

    Did you pass the famous sleepless in Seattle house?

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