Recruiting my Brother to move to Seattle

My brother came to visit us for a couple of days.  He had time on Wed afternoon/evening and Thursday evening (prior to a red-eye) so he told me to plan what I wanted.

That was all the invite I needed.  If you havent’ noticed I LOVE living in Seattle.   I must say that I think I did a decent job of showing him some of the great parts of Seattle.  Okay the last meal was not really a selling point – but we’ll get to that – it was  joint decision of an unknown location.

Picked Greg up around 12:30 from SeaTac Airport.  Stopped on the way home to eat Kidd Valley hamburgers, garlic french fries and milk shake (can you say Seattle or what) at their Gene Coulon Park location.  Love looking out across Lake Washington.  Not a bad spot because you can pick from two Seattle icons (Kidd Valley and Ivars).  After a great lunch we headed home.

Becky has wanted to go golfing forever and so since it was early release on Wed. we got home when she got home from school and headed over to the Bellevue Crossroad par 3 golf course.  Greg has logged many many more hours on a golf course so he was a great teacher.

She has the grip down so she will not have to relearn that.  Becky did great.

She has an amazing short game for a first timer. Me,  I got my first ever birdie with a chip in shot.  Yeah me!!!

How fun to have witnesses of that event!

We came home to say hi to Brett.  Brett loves Greg and has been anticipating his arrival.  While Brett happily sang to Lego rock band with Hansen and Becky declined to come with us, we headed to Poo Poo Point in Issaquah.  It is a great hike.  Not an easy hike but the view just keep getting better and better.   Nothing like hiking through the woods if you aren’t from around here.

Then the view of south of the mountain opens up with Mt. Rainer in full splendor.

We kept email pictures to his wife, but call phone pics as good as they have gotten really don’t do it justice.  There were blue skies and perfect temperature to hike.  When we made it up to the top the views of Issaquah, Bellevue, Seattle and beyond are a great pay off to a hard hike.

Greg talking to his wife while we snap the picture so they can be Skyping, As close as we could get to letting her see the beauty.

As an added bonus we arrived up top just as a class of parasailors were jumping off.  It was amazing to watch as one after another took off and just floated off the mountain.

Heading down the  mountain was a nice break from climbing up the mountain.

We got home, showered and headed to one of our favorite Thai restaurants after driving around some neighborhood his wife was interested in.  Great night and fun to spend time with him.

Thursday he got home for his interview and exploring Seattle around 4:30.   After winning a lively game of Sorry with Becky (no small accomplishment as she is the current Sorry champ at our home) we headed with Brett and Becky to kayak S. Lake Union.  I know, I know I was just there on Tuesday morning.

Greg checked out the local real estate – who needs a traditional home right?

We had lots of fun finding the Sleepless in Seattle houseboats,

chasing ducks

and enjoying a perfectly calm amazing evening on the water.

Brett and Becky loved it so prepare to see more of us there this summer.

We checked out on to find a place for dinner en route to the airport.  There was a Drive-In, Diner and Dives show which featured Slim’s Last Chance which on the way.  Greg had seen the episode and chili (their main staple) a favorite for all of us except Brett (but they had cornbread).  We headed towards it.  Once we got there. I waited outside with the kids because it was a bar in a very industrial area of south Seattle.  Greg braved the DIVE and got take out.  We went to a park near the airport to eat our chilli dinner.  The chili was okay – except I got horrible gas pains which I can only contribute to it because I hadn’t eaten anything else new or different.  That is one DIVE I don’t to EVER try again.  Next time we’ll head to Alki Beach to a know and good location there.

Dropped Greg off at the airport hoping that all went well with his interview so he and his amazing family moves closer to us!

Don’t worry I have more that one recruiting trip option to tryout on anyone else who is in town for an interview.  I think I put forth a pretty good arguement to move here! You just have to find the job – that isn’t my speciality.

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  1. karenscott24 says:

    Makes me wish I had a reason to come!

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