Ten on Tuesday

1.  Well it is later than usual, but I haven’t missed a Ten on Tuesday (except when not around a computer during a trip) since I started in January 2011.  Didn’t want this to be the week.

2.  It has been a great week with lots of things happening.  I took my car in last Tuesday to get repaired from when I was re-ended.  I got a rental car – which I am sure I will never drive after driving it for a week.

3.  Becky had a great music concert.  She did a great job playing her recorder.

4.  Loved having Greg in town and had lots of fun with him see previous post.

5.  Saturday Becky, Brett and I headed golfing.  Becky continues to improve and Brett has got to be the most determined golfer ever!

As Greg said, “He got his money’s worth!”  He now wants to golf every day and counting down the sleeps til he gets to go again.

6.  One day I was running and check out what was on the sidewalk.  At first I thought it was a huge rock, but nope….

It was a frog – really bad picture from phone camera.  I have heard  that frog croaking for weeks and it was nice to finally meet him.

7.  Sunday I helped to teach a class about compassionate service at Church.  We had a list which included a lot of different great ideas about how we can help others at different times in their lives.  I will put the list up tomorrow as a post.

8.  Owen got home late Saturday night.  We sure missed him, but LOVED Facetime on this trip.  Seeing him was so nice and the kids loved it.

9.  Brett had his yearly neurology appointment on Monday.  He is doing so good that we have been moved out to the every other year plan!   The doctor was thrilled with how well Brett is doing.  We have had a couple of very small seizures over the past 3 months, but he isn’t concerned, nor do we need to put Brett on any meds.

10.  FINALLY got my car back today.  Love it and so happy to have it.  I sure missed it this past week.  Also had forgotten to get the mail key out of it so I was able to get a whole week’s mail today.  Brett’s amp arrived and he loves it.  It is louder in the house now, but he is good about going in his room to play so it doesn’t bother all of us too much.

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