Ten on Tuesday

1.  What an amazing week we’ve had.  Sometimes I just want to pinch myself to see if it is all real.

2.  Becky had a Pacific Rim Fair at her school.  All the 4th graders had worked in teams on a display board about a country which touches the Pacific Ocean.  Becky had Honduras.  I loved it because the work was done at school so the boards looked like 4th graders did them (which was not what the science fair boards looked like when parents could help).

The one thing that parents could help with was that they could if there wanted to bring in foods from that country.  There were lots of banana’s, mango’s and pineapples.  Some more adventurous groups brought in wasabi peas, sushi, candy sushi (rice krispie treats with fruit roll ups and swedish fish- the only sushi I will eat) and coconut milk.  My favorite one that makes you say only in our area was the child for his food from Russia brought in caviar.  I told Becky.  Here is your chance to try some – because I will never be buying it for you.  She liked it.

3.  Brett at Becky’s Fair was so funny.  He did not want to be there til a very cute girl from his school came up to say hi and talk to him.  She is an aide in his PE class and he was all smiles when she was around.  I dropped him off at his school and he told me to stay in the car.  Love that he is growing up.

4.  I was able to have lunch with an amazing friend on Thursday.  She has been through a huge medical illness since December.  She is making great progress and I loved the time I spent with her.

5. Friday night will be a memory I will have for the rest of the night.  We were able to get tickets to the Mariners game.  I love to go to baseball games.  Mariners have had 11 years of not so great seasons.  Nevertheless, you can’t beat being at the ballpark.  Love going with Owen and Brett and Becky.

It was a good game.  Going into the 7th inning I was surprised to see the pitcher (who had play amazing – no-hitter to that part) leave the game.  We then had 5 more pitchers for the Mariners.  A run by Ichiro and some amazing innings that brought the crowds to their feet – even Brett when he finished telling me I was crazy for screaming so much stood up to watch.  The game ended with a NO HITTER.   6 pitchers combined to pitch the 3rd Seattle No Hitter (first combined) and 10 combined NO HITTER in MLB tieing the record of 6 pitchers.  It was so unreal.  The players did an amazing job and had some amazing throws to get runner out or to stop them from advancing.  It was a one of a kind night and so glad that I will have that one for ever!

6.  Saturday morning was Brett’s last baseball game of the season.  He did great, although I could tell that we haven’t been practicing hitting as much as at the beginning of the season.  He loves his friends there and enjoyed the party afterwards and getting his trophy with the Mariner Moose there.

7.  Brett and I went to the Seattle Adaptive Sport clinic on kayaking.  I realized that this is the wrong group for Brett – this is for those who do not have cognitive delays – just motor/muscle.  There were a number of amputee’s and many people in wheelchairs.  I was totally inspired by the things that these people were doing.  One man who has a short arm see picture below has completed and competed (not just trying to finish) in 4 IRONMEN competitions.   The man sitting in the wheelchair is a paralympic hopeful in kayaking.

I have completed (by no means competed) a half ironman and have NO desire to do a full one.  The staff at Cascade Canoe and Kayak were unbelievable.  They were great in doing all they could to help these people to have the best experience.  We kayaked at the bottom of Lake Washington over to Coulon Park and back.  Lake Union is much more scenic (unless looking at the Boeing plant interests you) and the water is much calmer.  Loved spending the time with Brett.

8.  Saturday night we were able to attend the Senior Piano Recital of our  neighbor.   It was great to listen to her play for almost an hour and give Becky another example of how hard work pays off.  She needs it right now as the songs are getting harder and harder and she can’t learn them as easily as before.

9.  My boss at the construction company is due at the end of July and had a baby shower and it was fun to go and see all the cute outfits you can buy for a baby girl.

10.  I have had lots of fun getting ready for a baby shower on Thursday for one of the cutest girls ever.  I have copied/created some fun decorations.  I’ll post them on Thurs/Friday once it all comes together.

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