Ten on Tuesday

1.  I am feeling very Olympic today!  (more on that in tomorrow’s post!) Sure made for a speedy run this afternoon.

2.  Wednesday I was looking at my yearly escrow statement from my mortgage company.  I noticed a line that said optional insurance.  I called and it turned out we had been paying for a year and a half for a home warranty that covered appliances, etc.  I figured if we had been paying I’d use it to fix a few things which I have not bother to call to get fixed due to the price of service call alone wasn’t worth the inconvenience (I am really bad that way).  It is so nice to have 4 items (furnace, stove, toilet and bathroom fan/electrical plug) to be now fixed.  Love it.

3.  We had a shower for a good friend on Thursday.  We wanted that what ever decorations we purchased could also be useful to her.  So we came up with – flannel blanket fabric squares.

Onesies, pants, socks and bib flowers..

Bathtub serviceware….

Lots of fun with amazing women.

4.  Finally got some yard work done.  Couldn’t believe how bad my backyard had become in a very short period of time.  Love the rain can do without the growth it provides to the weeds – but the rain sure makes it easy to pull up the weeds.

5.  Saturday morning was great with the kids.  Brett went golfing with his friend Eric from his baseball Miracle league team.  He has improved tremendously from his first time.  He didn’t have too many “practice” swings as we call them.

6. Owen and Becky went on a Daddy Daughter Hike.  They had a great time as there were 13 girls and 10 dads.

7.  We headed to see Madagascar 3 Saturday evening.  Loved the movie, but really laughed as we were running in to the theatre from the car and Brett was holding up his fist in the air shaking it at the rain that was coming down.  Love to see him grow up.

8.  Father’s Day was great.  Owen was home and we presented him with this plaque!  We ready do have a super hero living here.

9.  Becky worked hard using her cake decorating kit.  She is going to be an expert by the end of the summer.

10.  Brett got to say goodbye to his friends as he is finished with the 8th grade and moving on to high school.  There were 8 kids from his class who were 8th graders (his classroom has 6th – 8th graders in it).  4 are going to Skyline and 4 (including him) are going to Issaquah High School.

He was so excited to be done with school and enjoyed riding his bike home from school.  Looking forward lots of summer time walks with him.

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    awesome baby shower ideas!! When I have a baby shower remind me to have you do it. I am very excited about tomorrow’s post!

  2. Marsha says:

    We are happy to know the great and fun things that all of you are doing. Thanks for sharing with us! Love you!

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