Adventure Tuesday – Olympic Diving Trials – Federal Way WA

Yesterday was a bit different “adventure” than most Tuesday, but it was amazing just like all the others.  NOTE:  LOTS of pictures – sorry couldn’t help it.

Let me first explain that I was a diver growing up.  From 7th grade til the fall of my freshman year in college, I spend lots and lots of time diving.  I would go prior to school and practice.  I took lessons at night in Fairport (15 min drive) and Rochester (30-40 min drive).  I went to diving camp for a couple of weeks the summers before my Junior and Senior year.  I wasn’t too bad.  My freshman year I tried out for the ASU diving team.  I am so glad that I did.  I realized after a week of tryouts, that I did NOT want to dive at college.  I am so grateful that I tried out because I NEVER wondered what if…. I had dived in college.  Since then I have probably doven off a diving board 4 or 5 different times.  I went to a Empire States regional competition when we lived in upstate NY (13+ years ago).   I happened to see on facebook on Monday that someone was going to the trials.   I quickly looked up online to find out more and realized that Tuesday had the least number of things to move around so I could go.

I headed down to Federal Way (45 minute drive) with Brett excited to see the women’s 3 meter prelim and figured I’d watch a little of the guys 10 meter platform competition.  Wasn’t that interested in the platform, since you have to be CRAZY to dive off that yet alone to do flips and twists.

I got to the pool complex and bought my tickets.  $5 general admission got me to the midline of the pool (long ways away from the diving tank) so I figured how often would I get to see the Olympic divers in my lifetime.  Premium seats were only $15 for prelims so I was more than happy to pay extra.  Best choice of the day.  We were sitting probably half way back in the dive tank.  Great views (still was worried about heads hitting on the board due to the angle) and so fun to be there.

I took pictures with my camera and tried out my continuous shooting setting.

Women’s 3 meter springboard and men’s 10 meter platform.

The thing that surprised me the most was that the scores were much lower than I had ever expected.  I figured if you have made it to the Olympics trails you were really good – mostly 7 to 9’s on your dives.  I couldn’t believe it when I heard 4 and 5.   There were a couple of 2 and 3’s.  One girls hit then end of the board wrong and just jumped in the water.  Everyone there surely felt for her.   During the girls competition there was a dad of a diver sitting next to me.  The top 18 move on to the semi finals that evening out of 40 or so divers.  She was right on the edge and I watched him out of the corner of my eye.  Sometimes I think it must be just as hard for the parents as the athletes.  She was 16th place going into the final dive.  As each diver went and scored well on their dives, I watched him look at the scoreboard and shake his head.  Her final dive wasn’t amazing and I almost cried for him.  Man I must be getting old.

Brett and I were having so much fun that we were not about to miss the platform diving.

During warm ups I kept hearing some on the PA saying random numbers.  3, 7, 10, 5, 10, 7….  It took me a while to realize that they were calling out what platform could dive since they couldn’t see above or below them, as the case might be.

SOOOO glad that I stayed.  I was in awe of the greatness that I was seeing.  I had never in person seen a dive that someone scored a 10 on.   I watched the first round and you could tell who the top 4 guys were. I took some pictures with my camera and realized it didn’t really do justice.

I then started taking video’s of them with my phone.  I was so excited when an amazing forward 4 1/2 flip with an almost no splash entry.  Totally incredible.  He got 3 10’s out of the 7 judges.  I saw two more dives where they scored 10’s.  They dive off the 10 meter (same as a 3 story building) platform.  They have 2 – 2.5 seconds prior to hitting the water at the speed of 32 mph.  That is amazing.  While I was taking pictures with my phone, Brett took up the camera.

He did great.  Most the time he got them in the screen, but every so often only an arm or nothing at all made it into the frame.

When they do the handstand dives it is unreal their strength and control.

Loved IT, Loved IT, Loved IT…

On the way out I went to buy a t-shirt to support USA Diving.  I handed them a Master Card and she said sorry all we accept is VISA.  So if you do go to the Olympics or even the Olympic Trials bring your VISA along with you.

I got home and needed to go for my run.  I was so excited that I had a great Olympic inspired run.  What it felt like as I ran past everything – Olympic speed!

This morning I checked out how the semi-finals had gone last night.  It made me really want to go back to-day to see the men’s 3 meter and women’s platform.  I can’t wait to go tonight with Owen and Barb and Randy are tagging along!  Anyone else want to go another night with me.  When else do you get to see Olympic athletes in your sport or any sport for that matter.  Looking forward to a great night!  GO TEAM USA!!!!!

Update from Wednesday night – So much fun.  Talked with amazing parents of divers, saw our Olympians and can’t wait til July/Aug.

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  1. karenscott24 says:

    Wow you ran real fast!!! loved loved loved the photos.

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