Urban Dare – June 23 2012

Owen and I had the second chance in two months to have lots of fun competing in a scavenger hunt type race.  This one was put on by Urban Dare.  The Seattle Rock-n-Roll marathon and 1/2 marathon were happening in Seattle so our race took place in Seattle’s U-District (Univ of Washington).  I had done a street scramble in this area a number of years ago so it was fun to be back a see a different part of Seattle.

We had two teams of friends going with us.  Matt (who had run the Challenge Nation with is wife) and his friend Josh were one team.  Becki and Brent were the third team, they were recruited late Friday night to take the place of Matt’s in-laws who couldn’t make it.  When Owen and I showed up for the race there was a parking spot 20 feet from the start/finish location.  SCORE!!!

Here is a look at the 3 teams before the race.  All happy, DRY, and 3 not knowing what they had just gotten themselves into.

We got our clues and headed to command central – our car to figure them out.

Bethany (Matt’s wife) and Kari (my sister) were set up as our “phone a friend” for the race.  As soon as we get the clues, we take pictures of the pages and email them out.  They then text us the answers back.  This proved to be very valuable to have the actual address easy to pull up during the race.

Owen was working the map and marking the general location of the clues in order to map out the best route.  The rest of us helped to solve clues.  One clue was to get a picture on a non-race participant doing a cartwheel …

and acting out a marriage proposal.

We took care of those with passerby’s while Owen and Matt and Brent did the finishing touches with the map.

We then headed to the House of 7 Gables….

We then headed to find this sculpture…

Next we went to a park and had to find little pieces of papers with a letter and a corresponding number on it all around.  We had a word on our passport that we had to find out value of the word based on then numbers for each letter.

We then found our first of two establishments which had Aladdin in it’s name.

By now the rain had started.  It kept coming and coming, but didn’t dampen our spirits.  We then headed to the UW campus and found the “Dzunuk’wa mask on a totem pole…

Our next clue took us to the large fountain where we had to have a three-legged race around it.  I haven’t done that in a long long long time.

We hopped on a bus which took us to the Neptune Theatre…

Around the corner was the 2nd Alladdin establishment.

Hopped on another bus which took us to the Rising Sun Produce….

We had to run a couple of blocks downhill in the rain to find a park where we had to do a wheel barrel race around the cones.  It has been forever since I’ve been the one who were the arms.  I was amazed how much easier it was when Owen was pushing me forward than when he was letting me go on my own.

We then hopped a bus and then ran the rest of the way back to the Start/Finish.  Imagine our surprise when we came in 9th, 10th and 11th out of 90+ teams.  One thing I like about smaller races (fewer teams) is that when you get to a clue often times you are the only team around so you need to find it yourself, not just follow the herd.

As one friend called us “The Drowned Rat Pack” we had a great time and got 3 more people hooked on scavenger hunt races.

We headed to Red Mill Burgers for a victory meal.  My good friend had told me they had the best burgers in Seattle.  She wasn’t kidding, but I’d also add the best onion rings and shakes too!  Can’t wait to go back – maybe this July 3rd, I’m thinking?

It was a great day spent with Owen.

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