Foam Fest – June 30, 2012 Issaquah, WA

SOOO MUCH FUN!!!   This was a perfect family event – at least for our family.

We knew that the 5k involved a number of different obstacles.  The Rugrat run was a shorter version of the adult ran.

Owen and I were signed up for the 12:40 wave.  Each wave probably had between 100-150 people in the wave.  Owen and I were doing it together to have fun not to compete.  Becky was running the kid’s race and Lindsay decided while we were waiting for the races to start that she’d help Becky.  Brett was more than happy to cheer and shoot us with water guns.

Here is Owen, Becky and myself before we raced.

Becky isn’t really quite sure about what she agreed to do!  Don’t worry you’ll see that she was more than happy by the end.

I tried to take pictures of the different obstacles which there were along the course.  I will use both pictures from Owen and My 5K along with pictures of Lindsay and Becky when they did their race to give you a better overall feel of the race.  Lots of fun and the kids had a great time.  My favorite part – watching Lindsay hold Becky’s hand as they ran and how Lindsay would help Becky whenever they need help.  Yes my kids really like each other!

Starting line we found a couple of our friends who were also in the same heat as us.  Becky had 6 friends in her wave.

And the announcer says go and they are OFF….

You run about 100 yards and you come to the tire challenge – lots of tires to run through.  No picture – wasn’t in the picture-taking mood yet I guess.

2nd obstacles is the bungee web…

Next stop was the bouncy ball attack…

Ran a ways more and you come to the Cargo Net Climb.   It was a bit harder than I had expected – esp.  when the guy opposite me (doing down) decided to start jumping and making the net rock.  Thanks dude…

As we were running along I saw lots of these ..

Know what that means???  BLACKBERRIES in the fall will be all over this bush.

4 wood fences (2 5 foot and 2 8 foot) were the next obstacles to conquer.  Thank goodness there were slots for your toes to fit into to help you up and over.

There were only a few obstacles which had lines at them – which was just fine with me because Owen and I would chat while we waited.  Had I done it alone or cared about “Winning” then that would have been a pain.

Next was the least favorite obstacle of all….   The mud crawl under a barbed wire.  It wasn’t the mud that I disliked it was the oder’s and knowledge that some animal had to have helped fertilize the mud for me.  Trust my face didn’t get anywhere near to the mud.

Then next obstacle is where the kids race hooked in (they did the tire challenge and then headed here).  It had the longest wait time, but was so much fun!  Especially since I was really ready to get the  mud off my arms and legs.

20 tubes tied together that you had to crawl over.   Technique that Becci and I developed was to have one of us on each side of the tube.

Lindsay was a great help to Becky on this one..

Next was crawling under an electric fence.  The electricity wasn’t a very high charge at all mostly like when you shock someone by rubbing your feet of the carpet.  Easiest way is roll your way under.  Although running after this one I proved to be a bit disoriented.  I also ran back into the lake to get rid of the sand all over my body from rolling on the sandy ground.

Then the FOAM starts.  First up a 30 foot inflatable slip and slide filled with foam.  You take a running start and then jump …

and then come out the other side looking like this…

Moon boots anyone…

Body washer comes next… The bubbles were so high that Lindsay had to go back in to help Becky get out.

Then there was a traditional slip and slide the Lindsay took full advantage of  – Becky just watched to see if she needed any help.

 Then you came to a bouncy house full of bubble and balls to toss around. Watch out because every so often there were holes in the mat…

You then come to the final slip and slide your way to the finish line!

It was so much fun!!! Everyone had smiles all around even Owen…  Great sway – shirt medal and a towel to wipe your eyes, but only at the very end.  I carried a towel for Lindsay and Becky and they used it often.

There was an area where you could just go and play in the foam so Lindsay and Becky spent another 10 – 15 minutes there.  Fun Fun family day.  Not sure I would want to do a purely mud event, but I’m sure I’ll try sometime.  I can tell you one thing – next year when it comes back we’ll be there.  Probably still in the afternoon when there were fewer people in the waves.  Check out to see if there is one your area!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! This is definitely going on my list of things to do in the next few years 🙂 !!

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