Ten on Tuesday

1. What a perfect day today is. Spending the day with my favorite guy in my favorite city.

2. Went to a photography class last week. Great posing tip I got was putting sibling back to back with shoulders touching to get the look of closeness when they aren’t the naturally huggie type.

3. Becky’s first golf lesson was great. She learned a lot about putting and Lindsay, Brett and I literally hit the driving range. I am expecting to spend Thurs on the range. Kids all did great.

4. Brett is now taller than Lindsay. Lindsay’s take is great – now I have a twin.

5. Brett was fitted for new AFO Braces for his feet/ankles. For the past 4or 5 years he has always chosen Scooby Doo to be printed on the white plastic of the braced. To day he chose camouflage. My boy is growing up.

6. Becky has loved long afternoon/evenings playing outside playing with friends. Love where we live.

7. Have had lots of fun getting together what I need for and planning the kids Olympics. Can’t wait til the 14th.

8. Enjoyed getting to know 2 couples from church last Friday night.

9. Ran my birthday run across the I-90 bridge this morning. Ran with two amazing friends.

10. Looking forward to using the bike rack to haul our bikes off to play soon

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. What a great day for a birthday!

  2. Barb says:

    Happy Birthday, Kris!!!!! I have been thinking about you today and hoping that you are being spoiled rotten. I have no doubt that you will have an adventure-filled day and I wish I could have run the I-90 bridge with you. What an amazing and totally awe-inspiring friend you are. You have taught me so much about “doing” instead of just “hoping”. You have also taught me a lot about how a true disciple of Christ lives their life. I love you to death and will be forever grateful that the Lord loved me enough to allow our paths to cross in Sammamish. You are incredible!

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