Stand Up Paddleboarding – Lake Sammamish State Park

Saturday morning we headed to Lake Sammamish State Park with my sister-in-law, Heather and her 4 amazing kids.  Jeff was already in Japan and we were one of their last stops prior to heading to Japan for 3 years.

I had purchased 2 Living Social deals for Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) from Issaquah Paddle Sports located in the Lake Sammamish State Park.  We had 2 paddle boards for 2 hours.

We had so much fun.  I’ll list the pro’s and con’s of renting SUP here vs. two other locations I’ve been to in the Seattle area.

Jackson was the first one to try it and he LOVED it – along with all the other kids/adults.

We got all the kids up and going with very little effort.

Heather and Owen (his pictures had lots of water spots on the lens – next time I will get more of him) were quick studies, but didn’t get much time due to the kids loving it so much.

The lily pads proved to be Carter’s and Jackson’s nemesis, since that was the direction of the current.

I remember years ago their dad with his brand new wind surfer knowing how to one direction only.  Having to be towed back by a canoe of girls was either brilliant on his part or a bit embarrassing.  I’ll let you decide.

The kids were having so much fun that if they weren’t the paddler they wanted to be a rider.

Brett surprised me by LOVING it and did great as long as I didn’t help.  He was the only one to fall in (not on purpose) when I moved the board too much and sent him into the water.  That didn’t cause him to waste anytime getting back up and onto the board again.

After two hours we had to bring the kids back in and mine haven’t stopped asking when they can go again.  Looking for more deals at Issaquah Paddle Sports.  Hope they have another deal before the end of the summer.

Pro’s of renting at Issaquah Paddle Sports:

  • Perfect place to teach/learn with a lot of people using a couple of boards.  We had 6 kids and 3 adults and all were able to learn.  Easy to walk around in the water with them.
  • Easy to switch paddler’s.
  • If you weren’t on a board you could play in water/sand
  • Waves aren’t too tough.
  • You have the option of purchasing it for an hour only (rather than 2 min at other locations)
  • It is REALLY close to home.

Con’s of Renting from Issaquah Paddle Sports

  • There isn’t a lot to really “see” once you get the hang of SUP.
  • Their SUP are not really high quality.  They are good, but I’ve been on better at other locations.

Other locations that I’ve been too:

Surf Ballard  – Perfect for great sight-seeing for people who want to spend two hours on their board and not switch around.


  • Great sites to explore and take in when you are on your SUP.
  • High Quality SUP
  • Great shop where they really know about SUP’s.


  • Puget Sound is really cold water – no matter the time of year (but I haven’t fallen off either time I’ve been)
  • Bit of a drive for me but if you are going to go that far – 2 hour rental is a must.

NWOC – great location on Lake Union – fun sites 1 hour minimum and good quality boards


  • Great way to see Downtown Seattle, Gas works park, Fremont Bridge from the water.
  • One hour minimum.


  • start off a dock rather than wading into the water to start.  Can’t share the board with others.
  • I’d rather use a kayak to see more of Lake Union than trying to see it all on a SUP.
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