Ten on Tuesday

1.  Lots of fun this past week.  I LOVE summer time and all that comes with it.  SUN, FUN, FRIENDS and FAMILY!!!

2.  Had a great night at the baseball game on Tuesday night. The M’s almost made a come back, but couldn’t do it in the end.  Loved spending time with our good friends.

3.  4th of July started with a great breakfast at church.  Love the breakfast tradition.  All the kids slept in so only Owen and I headed over to eat.

4.  We went to the fireworks at Sammamish City Hall.  Loved them and we got amazing seats!  It has been a long time since my neck hurt because we were looking straight up as the fireworks exploded right over our heads.

5.  Lindsay took an amazing picture on the 4th!  Love it!

6.  Golfing was great on Thursday.  I love to watch the improvement in Brett as we hit on the driving range and hoping to get out and play a round with Becky to see how much she has improved.

7.  Friday Owen and Becky headed up on the Victoria Clipper to spend the day in Victoria, BC.  They had lots of fun.  What a great daddy daughter date.

8.  Heather and Co. were here on Friday and Saturday.  My kids LOVEd spending time.  I loved spending time.  There were many Lego Rock Band songs played.  We took them to our favorite Hamburger/Onion Ring/Shake Spot.  After we got home, Brett was so sad that Jackson and Carter were gone.  We loved having them here for a visit.

9.  Owen is at his favorite conference of the year – WPC.  He gets to see all his MSFT friends and partners.  It like a yearly reunion for him. So glad this year they are having it in Toronto rather than in LA or New Orleans or Atlanta.  Way to hot in those places right now.

10.  LOVING the sun and summer weather we are getting here.  Arms are getting tan.  Sun glasses are out.  Walks to the store are happening often.  Going to the lake to cool off.  I love it that it stays light until 10pm although getting to sleep last night early was so nice.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Jill says:

    So glad you got to spend some time with Heather and the kids before they left for Japan – sounds like you had a great time. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Travel safe to CO!

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