Family Olympic Track and Field Meet – Saturday July 14, 2012

Saturday was so much fun!  I couldn’t have done it without an amazing family.  Everyone helped to set up, run the races and clean up.  Owen was the long jump pit man and finish line judge.  Lindsay was the starter for the running races and the DJ.  Becky ran the softball throw and helped where ever needed.

We had a great group of friends who came to the meet.

We started with the field events.  We had the kids divided into 3 different age groups: 5 and under; 6-8 years old; 9 and up.   They started at the softball throw…

the frisbee throw…  (too busy to take the pictures of this one)

and the long jump…

the high jump showed up and the kids loved it…

We then started with our running events..

We had the 50 yard dash…. so funny to watch the 3 and under group.  One parent or sibling stood with them and another was at the finish line so they would know where to run.   …

The faces were determined …

The photo finishes were almost of Olympic trials quantity…

So much fun to watch and cheer on…

We had two races that were called “Brett” races.  Anyone could run, but only Brett could win.  I know, but hey it was our games.  Loved Brett’s face and excitement as he ran as hard as he could.   Brett had some of his biggest fans running along side of him.  So grateful for all those that have been his hero’s and fans for so many years.  Don’t know what we’d do without them.l

Last race was the family 4×100 relay.  We did the relay where two people stood on the starting line and two stood 100 yards down the track and they ran back and forth instead of around the track.

What is this thing?

getting ready to start…

It was a wonderful afternoon spent with great friends.  So much fun we almost wish the Olympics came around every year – well maybe we’ll have to have the US Nationals Track and Field Meet next summer.

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